Forge bug or feature?

@Madlen, @CaptainMorgan, @ChrisHey guys… I stumped upon this today. Doesn’t seem normal to me, at least not over the usual of what we have in forging.

2 of the below shields are affected with a max forge of 4 or 5* and the other 2 are not, at all. I know a few months ago, shields were not affected by a 4* forge, but it seems this has changed, or is this a transition period? I can’t find a pattern because I’ve checked both old and new items and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that. It’s also not a perk thing either…

unnamed (0).jpg

unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg

unnamed (3).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg

unnamed (5).jpg

unnamed (6).jpg

unnamed (7).jpg

interesting thing. when you mentioned that base of shield behave kind of different/strange i also observed that a lot of them do have exactly the same base stats - i assume those where of same levels. maybe there is also a cap on it s.t. you cannot forge them above a certain value? i.d.k.

The forging ALWAYS worked the same way. It should not matter if its different level. I have kept a Prometheus bracelet from level 129 to intentionally check these things.

The shields after a point became exactly same value for all heroes for all levels. There was of course a few forging levels of each color, but basically if you picked the max , you could only reach the same level/value.

Thats why in the past ALL major shields were 191k , 200k , 210k and so on. All of them. Set values, set forging. 

But this situation now is wierd… not normal. It can be an exploit, if you search well enough…



Can we get some feedback here please?


New info shows that 1* gives 5% and 2-3-4* all give 10%, but not for all cases…

Hoe can i forge an item and it become worse after costing 20000000 gold and 150000wisdom?!!