Forge bugs


How come this happen when I forge thies item and revien with shield Athena 

 I have to get atack speed and cd for thies shield right 

But now I get thies can you explain to me how come 

Thies really disappointed me because you say in this forge only one power in the same item


That’s 100% a bug, not seen 2 of the same perk on an item before, that phys resistance is way higher than it should be too (unless you haven’t forged for many lvs)

another bug , they should give you titan chests a unique chest and gems , to cover all the gold and items and time that you spent to make this


? ? ? 

I guess that kinda makes sense? It can’t copy the base stat from an item (like health from armor or damage from a sword or leadership from a cape), but baubles don’t have any base stats, just 2 perks (or 3 or 4). 

Thats a lot of physical resist though, holy heck. 

it might be true that one of the phys.res. is a base stat and one is a perk - but like @Philstar said. this should not be the case. and in addition it seams that the base stat is not normalized but doubled??

i am realy disappointed to see that the new forge still is not a bug free zone. @CaptainMorgan and your team: pleeeeease have a look on that case, find a fix and a explanaition WHY this can happen as fast as you can. do not wait to long … i am afraid what can happen if this bug will again be exploited and do not want to face perseus gk with similar stats… 


edit: @CaptainMorgan, @Chris, @Madlen and the rest of your team: sorry, did not wanted to be rude. i have been a little bit upset as a first reaction. please, can you respond to this thread and also the following questions:

1: is the new forge designed in such a way, that such double stats (one as a base stat and one from a perk) are possible? if so, i assume they come from previous cursed items and therefore e.g. boots with 2xhealth (heart), capes with 2xcommand (helmet) or swords with 2xstrength,… are possible and not a bug. this is important. either it is wanted to work that way (so this feature will not be declared as a bug later) or not (so a bug, that could be exploited)

2: for they particular item above - why is the shield base stat nearly doubled, but the perk stat (stun) not? is this for all unicate refinement the case or a bug, or where does this come from? in the examples taken from the forum this was not the case: normal items get normalized, and for unicates the base stat is only sligthly raised (but again: why this?) - not doubled…

i mean: if everything is normal here and works properly - ok. everyone can try to figure out why and invest good items and tons of ressources. but if not, try to fix it as fast as you can. dont let the new forge also be a buggy one… thx.


2nd edit: (proof of bug)
imho it should be declared as a bug since it does not match the description given on how the forge should work: i refer to the following thread now… 


there the following is stated: (“Picture 3” is the last one above of the 1st edit, or see original post…)

  • Picture 3, the Unique would get both Ice and Poison Resistance, as it already has the Physical Resistance, and the Health is the main stat of the boots, not a Perk.

so: if it would be possible to get both physical resitances onto that item, why can CaptainMorgen be so shure about it, that the two question marks are ice and posion resistance… if it is not a bug, the 2 two question marks should be a random choice of the 3 perks from the item which is going to be dismantled, and the given description is wrong. q.e.d.


hence, if now there is a chance (or can be done on purpose by a proper choice of an item) that two abilities can be on an item by a bug (because of mixing base and perk) , then the new forge can also produce very dangerous and buggy items. like mentioned: 2 times strength, 2 times moral, 2 times health, … crazy ?
maybe it is only possible for those different formed shields … i.d.k.



It’s possible that the base stat appears to be doubled because it’s 1) a 1st gen unique with higher stats which 2) hasn’t been upgraded in *many* levels that 3) is also getting a boost from being gold-star refined. 

It might not even be a first gen unique, just one with a naturally high phys resist. The weird part is also having the phys resist perk copied. That’s probably not supposed to happen. 

Forging of uniques doesn’t exactly normalise the stats to 55% or 40% depending on whether it is a silver or gold refine, but the higher perks will only be temporary, it’s like a boost for 6-7 lvls.  So once your unique is forged, any subsequent ‘normal’ forge with bronze 5* titan item actually reduces the stats!  If you need to understand the last part here, as forging uniques is a bit of an illusion as to their true power.

Get it forged before it’s nerfed!

The base stat doesn’t normalize, it gets improved through refining. The base stat here is the physical resist in the circle, not the shield. The phys resist in the shield is a perk. I don’t think the 212k phys resist base stat is a bug at all.  It’s also extreme overkill. 

I don’t see how the phys resist on the shield is not a base stat- it clearly is on every shield I’ve seen.  The phy res on the ring is a perk - but shouldn’t have 2 identical characteristics on the same item.  As the perk is already present on the shield as  a base stat - 100% bug IMHO.  Otherwise we could load up morale as a 2nd perk on capes - that would be a bit crazy!

I think the 41k physical perk is definitely funky. But the 210k base physical is just high physical because it’s gold refined. 

No it’s a bug - unless that gold item was a bugged forge with stupidly high stats in the first place the base stat shouldn’t double - I managed a near 25% base stat increase with gold refine and that was using almost all 4* items… imagine forging oddyseus’ bow and getting 100% increase in morale (and then add his 25% natural bonus to that!) 

The dismantle stats have nothing to do with the base stats a unique gets (base stats have nothing to do with any forge values anymore, but they never had anything to do with forging uniques). CM and Chris have said it a bunch of times, but there’s a 60% increase in the base stat going to 5* gold Titan. I think the 210k is correct. It doesn’t make it a good shield though. It kinda stinks. 

@kimosolo thank you for reporting and sharing this on the forum. if you choose to further forge this item, could you please also share pictures of it. i would be interested if the base stat will be reduced, like @Philstar mentioned abouve that this will be the case. thx to all. (i gave a 2nd edit of my answer above, i think there is a proof, that the 2 shields areeither a bug, or the given description on how the forge should work is not true.)

@kimosolo is it possible to add a tag “Community Manager input needed” on your thread? i really would like to have an answer on this (without wasting items). thx



For me it’s not a bug. The first phy resistance is the primary ability of the shield, the other phy resistance is the secondary ability (perk) and CAN be the same as the primary ability. With this design, you can add Leadership to cape item, which already has Leadership as primary stat.

The only time that you are not supposed to have 2 of the same perks in an item is when the item is a trinket (so no “primary” perk).

in the topic Forge 2.0, @CaptainMorgan stated that this picture the ? would be ice + poison resistance as it already has phys resistance - and in this phys res (on the dismantles item) IS a PERK( health being the main stat), so by that logic that medusa shield should not have 2 of the same stat types - either that or Captain Morgan misunderstood his own game. 

Hello guys, I know an answer here is still open, I hope to have one next week.

Hey guys, we will look into that issue :grinning: