Dear Developers,


Olympus Rising has became very unfair due to UNLIMITED FORGE. Players are taking item status upto 3 times higher of the original should be.

In Unique Items there is a limit for forge as per Assenction level of the player.

Why not for normal items as well.?? ?

NowDays people can crack any good Defence in a minute without die. 

Moreover Gatekeepers have became soo insane that to kill them is next to almost impossible.

Olympus Rising is a game about cunning defences not only Gate Keepers.

I Request you to please do something about it.! 

And if you do so.!! Please make it fair and lower Already forged items of the players upto a limit.

Also please increase Unique Status a bit higher as well.!!



That perseus shield unbeliavable… How did you do that? 

This is not mine.!! It’s of my friend’s.!

I can only take sheild upto 130-150k physical. But that is also unfair.!! ?

Yes. Most players including me not a beast forging at. I managed to hit 100k physicala and max 70k another resistance. Probably i use best sacrifice items for different heroes not a particular onr. But i must say that lvl of forging insane. And you are right, there must be max cap for item max status. That kimd of heroes are almost unvulnarable… 

Lool cmon this players spended many gold for build this item, is item 130lvl stop write bullshits improves but i agree for uniq items, old uniq items have op the new uniq items is very fail 

If u dont want spend moneys for build good items is your problem !!!many players spend many hours for forg gold farm upgrades 

Everybody has the ability to make stuff like that, though, if you’re high enough level. It just takes a lot of patience. 

It’s been kind of a disaster in the past when the game has rebalanced itself by putting new caps in place, because they never retroactively nerf the stuff that people already own. So a handful of players have all this great stuff that’s better than anything new they can get, and other players never get a chance to get that good stuff. It ruins the game for a long period of time.  So please don’t ask the devs to approach a problem like this, because they might make the same mistake again!

Instead, they should do two things:

  1. make forging less cryptic and more democratic so everyone can forge better gear, while still making it so the truly dedicated can forge awesome shields like that. They can do this by giving us more information about the forging process. Tell us what level our equipment was acquired at. Give equipment a global ranking system that’s distinct from the star system so we can quickly see and rank forges. Identify cursed gear. Give us access to our entire inventory, organized by equipment color. *gasp* write some documentation about how forging works (unheard of, I know).

  2. increase the difficulty level proportionally at the highest levels, so that when your average player has improved their heroes substantially through proper forging there is a greater or equal challenge. The best way to do this without adding new ascension levels is by raising the damage and health of structures. They’re too low. Odyssey will need to be rebalanced in tandem with this change. 


Seriously, though, when I see people complain that the game is too hard, I assume that they don’t know how to forge optimally or don’t have the time/patience to do it right. And that’s not really their fault, because this game is horrible at telling you how it works. There’s no upside to keeping so much of the game mechanics a secret, it’s just bad game design philosophy. Sorry, @CaptainMorgan and @Chris, but it’s the truth. There is so much “hidden” information in this game that you’d never know unless you read every single post on the forums. Where does the game tell you that powers do triple damage to towers and barricades? Oh, in one single post from Captain Morgan in October of 2017, that’s where! Thanks, that’s very helpful. Does poison damage have a weakening effect of units and heroes? I don’t know, some people very close to the game say it does, but it’s not documented anywhere. Useful! How much damage does the secondary ice attack of an Orthia tower do? Who the hell knows! Not me, because it’s not documented ANYWHERE. These are major failings that probably should have been managed a long time ago with a constant effort to update an official (in game!) game guide, but here we are. It’s been (poorly and inaccurately) crowdsourced. And then we wonder why the game isn’t making money. 


P.S., shields like that are a direct result of allowing players to chill at or near the level cap for months without anything else to do or spend resources on. That is also a choice the devs are making. There will always be a % of players who race to max out asap, but when a significant percentage of players gets within a couple levels of the cap it’s time to make a move. They delayed raising the cap from 115 to 130 by probably 6 months longer than they should have. At least 3 months. And it had such severe consequences that they needed to rebalance the high end game with a battle axe instead of a scalpel. It was a freaking disaster and we’re STILL dealing with fallout from it. 

This isn’t bullshit.!! Just suppose if someone spend day or night in forge and create a Gatekeeper having all 5 Resistances 90%.

How You gonna beat that.?? 

My request from the developers is only that forging should be capped as per the Assenction level like uniques & unique status should also be increased.!!

Balance needs to be there… @MrCouPer

People have taken Cooldown to 75% without unique.!! So how is that fair.??

It’s perfectly fair. You can do it, too. Everyone who is high enough level can do it. how is it unfair? Because they spend more time playing than you do, or you don’t know how to forge as well as they can?

like, seriously, this annoys the heck out of me. Getting a great unique is completely up to luck (and then getting one with good stats seems to be really luck of the draw lately), but EVERYONE can forge.  It’s the great equalizer. And the stuff you can forge can be just as effective as uniques if you know what you’re doing.

Great comment, does no need new lvls the game need balance and new contect!!and decrease the times from spells ,towers barricades and buildings!

I am confused. According to Dumpster first comment, i thought that that insane forging stats made before the forge nerfing. So i think it is not possible to create a insane shield from a fresh item now or is it possible? 

 When was forging nerfed?

Several months ago. Some weeks after  after forging available, Captainmorgan commented about some items (special titems having like damage reflection vs)  earn massive stats after forging so he said the devs will not allow it anymore. Because it will disturb the game balance and gave some examples.  And it was discussed at forum some people get the insane items before the devs not allowing it… That’s why some statue heroes are impossible to defeat. Like a famous ajax as you know… I am lvl 129 now and it seems for me creating a shield for perseus having 200k Physical Resistance  looks not possible…and i think that item mostly forged before… 

That wasn’t a nerf, that was a bug fix.

The entire thread thus far dealt with “normal” forging, not with bugged items from the first couple of weeks of forging.


The vast majority of bugged items has also been retired due to ascending - but probably not all of them.

The resources that it takes to make these very powerful items is insane - I own a couple of items that are quite good (but not as good as the shield above), so I have a pretty good idea of the time that goes into something like that.

A decision to “cap them away” would be bad for a lot of reasons. Players would feel cheated (and leave the game), for one. Another one, as dumpster said above, is that forging like crazy allows mere mortals like myself (no bugged items, no old uniques) to keep up with players that fared better in previous balancing exercises. It leveled the playing field.

If anything, unique items need to be made stronger, to provide stats similar to those of well forged normal or cursed items. At the moment, the vast majority of uniques hold very little interest for anybody that understands how the forging process works.

In addition, forging only influences one side of the game heavily - the offense. So an easy way to balance things is to allow a couple of extra defense levels and nerf the GK a bit.

That would most likely solve the issue.

My 2 cents … it’s the same 2 cents I’ve thrown around a bit in the last few weeks though :slight_smile:

That shield would actually not be possible to create in the first few weeks after forging was added, because nobody was high enough level to make anything close to that. 

Secondly, like you said and Prom followed up on, the initial bug only affected cursed items with the special type perks, like demolition and potency. A poison resist shield wouldn’t have been bugged. Now, that MAY be a cursed shield, because cursed items tend to be of higher quality than regular items if the same level, but it’s expertly forged, regardless.


and yes, at level 129 you can absolutely start to forge crazy stuff like that. A 131 item will obviously have a higher ceiling, but you could forge stuff that can approximate it. 


After reading all of your thoughts.!!

Now I’m also thinking that forge is almost good.!! Not much need to nerf it.

But unique items status should be improved.!! As well as they must provide proper guidance about forge.

A lot of things in this game are hidden.!!

Also they should do something about GK.!

I still do not know how much extra damage a Paris tower deals to heroes as game’s Divine blessings only reads description “Deals additional damage to Heroes”(but my heroes with 90% lightning resistence die easily if I don’t dodge it’s spears),or how much Akhlys Spearman weakens enemies’ attack or how much damage frostbite actually does???

Even after seven months playing this game I haven’t found the answers to these simple questions.

I don’t know if the devs think it adds “flavor” to the game by writing descriptions like that or if it’s just the result of the studio not hiring enough employees, or the pm not pushing the team to be thorough. But just to be clear, not telling us how much damage things do doesn’t make the game cool and mysterious, it’s just annoying and feels sloppy.