Forge list/chart for Units,Building,spells

Hi Team,

Have a suggestion for getting list of units buildings spells under forge just like you have given for building or troop upgrades on main screen.

It might give all kings and queens to get better view for forging them.

I’m pretty sure this is on the wiki page

Yeah, you can look at the Royal Revolt 2 Wiki for a complete list of forgings, for all towers, spells and units as well as other useful info

I know abt wiki but what I’m asking for is not that. I’m asking for current forge list just like current upgrade list we got on main screen. Attaching a image for better picture to you all.

So you want a forge cooldown page. Fair enough. Plus one

You got my point buddy.

The forging cooldown is probably needed more than the worker and building one.

Forging can have a much bigger list of items underway.


A forging overview? Sounds good to me. Now we have to check towers, obstacles, troops, spells plus gear manually to check whether we can forge again or not. And when not, we have to remember how long we still need to wait. 

I often forgot that cool down is over and so forges are also forgotten for a while. It would be a welcome addition. +1. 

This was suggested before. @oPelle even created a icon & design screen of how it can look. 

Sadly it was ignored by Flare as is the case of many other good suggestions.

There is no need giving forging overview as same as current upgrades. You can provide them in smaller way just like players overview is given.

What’s the point of that? You can only have one meltdown at a time going on, and you can see how much is left in the meltdown

He means have a list of cooldowns in progress for all the stuff you’re forging, like towers, units, spells, items, etc. Not for each individual thing. 

Oh I see! that would be quite helpful

A current forging overview, like the current upgrade overview. Excellent idea and makes complete sense! that would be awesome to have.

No he want a Forge overview like in Olympus Rising look at this :



He wants a overview that show every units forge, Defense forge and Spell forge. This way you can see what you have and what you need to improve

Edit : Never mind he talking about a cooldown overview and not forge overview. But still both can be useful and help us in the game



Not to mention I corrected myself…

Sorry I have take a random quote to post mine. Just to illustrate the idea

Up-ing this as I could need this. The proleague chest and the ninja events resulted in a lot of forging the past week or so, maybe about qty 20 all over the place ? (towers, spells, units). It’s hard to keep track of what is and is not being forged, when are some of the forging ending etc.

I’d say it can be common to have more forging going on than workers building stuff or spell/unit upgrading (even more so in higher players that have most of everything upgraded and are working mainly on forging), but we don’t have a current forging screen while we have a current upgrade screen - which is great but it would make sense to have the current forging screen as well.


edit: I also like the general overview screen idea suggested by Warriornartor from another game.


Bump  :slight_smile:

Just hope to have this in 3.9.0 :slight_smile: