Forged Uber item calculation



I have not seen any comments anywhere on the above topic so I am opening a new thread. If this is a repeat, kindly merge with the original one.


Is there a calculation on forged uber items adding value to the units and spells?


I have noticed that the values and actual performance varies. For eg. 

I have a uber upgrade on sonic : 1777.6, which does not make a significant change in the blunt effect of the sonic blast in actual use.


I cannot see that under normal means but this is visible as green colored value when I access the sonic blast (from the slot)  either when I am trying to attack somebody or self. 






Surely there is a conversion but nobody know the exact approximation. Only devs that’s why i asked them to changed it in real values.

ok. Thanks. pm’d you.

lolz yes thats the main reason as oPelle said. to stop hacks.

theres a hidden number behind the desimal its changes itself so the calculation cant be made.

why sometimes you see a number be off by 1 as you equip/unequip. it landed on the .9


The other reason is 1777.6 is a pretty number :slight_smile:


the spell deals like 7000ish blunt so a 4 digit number creates the illusion that your spell got an upgrade of 30% rather than the +200 onto 7k


*im playing loose with these numbers. my perk gives an actual of +293 blunt. any way you slice, the diffrence is hard to see let alone measure.

And we keep on spending the precious pearls behind it…Lol!!