Forging barricades, HP or Fire Resist?

I’m still unsure if i should upgrade the health or fire resist of a barricade.

I’ve upgraded the health twice, but considering the strength of firestorm+gear buffs the barricade could die in a second.

Is it worth stacking the 1.5% fire resist or should i keep going for HP?

Do always Health then go to Blunt Resistance. Why not Fire Resistance immediately you’d say? Well because if your Barricade gets the boost Tough Barricade it starts having fire resistance with the boost lvl 3 (150% fire resistance), info here for every level:

In this way any kind of fire effect will be very less effective (so also Firestorm in this case).

Then why Blunt damage? Well some troops such as Ogre or Cannon can quickly take down it, so by upgrading the blunt damage you allow to survive a little more.

However Health is to consider the first to forge since have always more health on things (beside any buff or debuff it can receive) have some more seconds to destroy it is always good.

I see, my alliance doesn’t have tough barricades though, but that’s nice info regardless.

I will focus a bit more on health and go blunt then. :slight_smile:

The way I see it is… Health protects against all kinds of attacks: fire, ice, blunt, normal, piercing.    So no matter what is trying to break through that barrier, it has a higher health to resist.

I only start to forge the specialized resistance after I start to get a drop-off in the marginal rate of return on the Health forging.  That’s around 20+ forgings on the Health.  

Another good question may be:  barricades versus blockades.  

From what I have seen, high level players do not use barricades, they use blockades.  So before you spend a ton of money upgrading a barricade, and even more pearls forging it, you may wish to consider replacing it with a blockade.  

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