Forging bug cause of clever players?

Let’s make it clear then. The 131 lvls with pre nerfed rings and items (uniques) have beast heroes. Players below that can’t even catch their stats after the update you did 7 months ago. So now you say that the bug is fixed again and this is to avoid overpowered items? Really now? So the 131 lvls that forge like crazy all these months will keep their super rings and gear and we will just earn lvls do simple forging and never catch them! Really good fg! Thnx a lot! Just get some new lvls and give new members something to focus! The 131 lvls are bored anyway all these months and they will quit sooner or later! Thnx for trying to make the new members quit too! 

Olympus has fallen will be a good title 


Why let the OP gear stay the same? You could easily have made a max stat and lower all the good gear to be at max level. Now no one can reach that level of gear and All the hours of work and debating with teammates are wasted. 

This should be fixed ASAP 


Did you like the movie? ?


Yes tomaxo but i didn’t had to pay gems to watch it.  Or spend real money to see it on my tv. Or don’t have the chance to watch it on best quality like the people who saw th movie before me ?

One more point… when you are doing such a radical change you must give us some time to prepare to it! You can do it at once… people wasted tons of gold+gems+time on forging a good items… the minimum you can do is give us time to prepare for this change! 

they did the same rubbish they did the other times, the same and identical cheating

what has even changed? what was the “bug”?

@dumpster Forged items were never intended to be better, or even match the uniques. In reality the “chain forging” gave players an ability forge regular items that are much better than uniques. Remember how we all complained ahout that? So the “chain forge” was labeled a bug and fixed. Would have been much more fair for them to simply double or triple the stats of all uniques on forge if you ask me, but oh well. Guess I will never live to see a 100k+ ring anymore.


That’s not really true, though. Cause they nerfed all items and then introduced forging so you could forge gear back to the levels it was before the nerf. They’re just bad at this. 

No bug. It was just a question of knowing the forge mechanism and using it. There was a max and it was way above the uniques but still it was the same for everyone. Now the people who understood forging and were level 131 will stay way ahead of everyone else

Uniques are an issue, not the gear. It is just a very… indirect way of fixing uniques.

It feels like they don’t really know what they’re doing. Sorry guys, love ya and all, but yeah.

This is another example of terrible communication from the team here, too. Like i know blah blah blah we’re lucky to get the communication we get, which is kinda bs, but whatever. This is something that should be explained to the community, not just a oops there was a bug. ON BUG DAY OF ALL DAYS lol.

There was no bug called forging!!! FG created the forging system, yes if you forged hard your efforts were compensated. So, FG thinks that players will forge very hard to get basically a unique nothing more? There is no fun or insentive in that… do you understand FG? You have F’d up your game again and again and again. There was no point in doing this, it actually gave newer players  the chance to compete against the higher lvl players but now there is no way. Well maybe, if most of the higher lvl players quite. Who knows, captain Morgan, Chris whoever. Wake up!!!

My interest in this game just went back down to zero. What a bad decision.


Honestly, learning the skill of making “super forged” items has been the only fresh and interesting feature of this game for over a year.  Funny that it was just an unintended bug all along.  So now for the second time, the game has been forever unbalanced for the new players you are trying to attract and maintain.  Smh again.

they use the term “bug” to justify the crap they do

Well, the only interesting part of the game for me was forging nice items. The rest of the game has been a snooze for so long it isn’t funny. Keeping playing to help RS is the only reason I was still playing until I got into forging. Now with summer and holidays coming and the nerfbat hitting inconsistently, it seems like a good time to stop.

Super forging is a game crushing thing so for the sake of majority must be fixed. So thx CaptainMorgan… 

that explain now why forge is totally useless now. the stats sucks.Normally that up by 20 or 30.Now 4. @CaptainMorgan please tell me is a joke. You don’t have nerf forge at this point? please. I will test some forge but i don’t like what I see

right now after the fix in 4.0

before in 3.9 before the fix

the item was ok up at 20,30 or 56. that way that was ok a way to be a little more strong. Now with 4 lol is a joke what you want to do with 4 per star.