FORGING calculator

I dont know if there is already exist, but if it doesnt, it would be a nice idea to make a forge calculator…

for example if you have a green item and you give the stats of the item, your heroes level etc, to calculate the forging item you will get…

It’s called excel. 

I know excel but I have no idea how it works… 

Maybe someone in your alliance is good with numbers. Ask them. Don’t ask us to do your homework for you!

Yeah buddy,don’t expect that shady elite player will help you.He always advices the opposite what you need. In fact,he did homework once,when he kept a secret of super smart forging. Or he had help from above…??

Here is a hint how it might look like. but be aware:

* the numbers where before the last “tweak” (but you can change it)
* it was valid (for me, lvl131) for an approx. perk calculation, base behaves a little bit different
* it was done for the first bronce cycle (silver and gold might/do have other values) 
* you do have other multiplier and (color boosts) for other kinds of perks
* this example is done for max. forge only (did not try to mixure)
* it might be totally different, but that is what i observerd from analysing “some” screenshots (~200) for different heroes/perks

i you understand it you can approx. calc values of each stage of color and/or compare it to other items to deside if this item is good or not.

feel free to modify



Very hostile!