Forging Castle Gate


      There are so many aspects to this game. The combination and our choices of offense and defence make our stratergy. Forges have added new dimensions to the strategy.

I was wondering why the castle gate has been left out of the forges.  It can be best forged for health, range and damage of attack.

Can this be a possibility?

It can be to me ;)). However, let’s just wait and see…

I think the gate Will be too difficult to destroy That Flare makes the choice to forge only towers and traps

The castle gate is better this way…

If forging is avail then you can never think of destroing it…

all the high level players will never be defeated…

the trophies will break all the records…

Well after that we can expect an Elite Tent! Double Start Morale, more health. Anyway not a bad idea since offense is now overpowered.

Offence is overpowered but not all combo.I found combo that utilise toxic cloud shield and knights with monk as insta to be almost unstoppable.

Its basically impossible to stop super knights.

Back to topic, forging gate is a bad idea

Offense had definately become powerful. As far as gate health is concerned the max. Health of 100,000 never has a chance when cannons hit them. So forging can a be a way to make them powerful.

This game is already produced enough a global union representing. Like dragon ? represent China.

Ninja represents Japan.

Black Magic represent England.

Monk represent Scotland.

And the remainings…

there’s already enough

For an Elite Tent i was thinking of 30.0 Range and double damage XD

That would directly hit the castle gate… :lol:





Would then be Eagle Tent.

ahaha yes probably


It would be great if the tent fire some missile directly to the gate… :lol:

1- Making the tent useful, sounds good hehe

2- Originally I didn’t like the idea of Elite Castle Gate, but now that offense is OP, my vote goes positive

it will def. nagate the cannon insta troops spawned in front of the castle. 

The same goes with taverns and farms.

Forging gate does not make the raiding exp better imo, I rather have a new kind of obstacle.Now barricade blokade and spikes only.Need something different, like landmine or something.

The game is not all about offense. The defense also is important. Forging the gate can help to increase the defense status. Although, new additions can be great for keeping the interest but not now.

In my opinion,offense is too much over powered so we need something in defense forging it or elite gates which throw water on units nd slow down enimies or something like that.something  new in defense can make the game intresting more and also harder though.

And moreover if at all it was implemented then all starts complaining that defense is over powered hahaha?

Btw forging gate is not a bad idea?

Since the gate is an important part of our kingdom, its status is very important. 

A top player, a mid player or a player on the lower levels if have maxed their castle gate will have similar HP points.