Forging for new Perks a new Method <Idea>

I know a lot of the people have been frustrated on the random perks we get when we forge for new perks, so instead i thought of an idea which might help?


Have a window available on the perks in terms of %age of what we could be expecting (maybe a choice of 3 perks split up %age wise) when we forge a new item and it changes like how Granny changes the items very 6 Hrs (i think) So the BlackSmith work in a similar fashion?


I think with this atleast we all have an idea on what we could be expecting rather than just getting a useless perk and then waiting for the cooldown time to forge a new item (worse to even find out that you get the same perk or another useless item)


Just an idea not sure on what you all think about it?

are you kidding? They do something that makes money for them. :grinning: