Forging gold for gold or for unique

Today, i am spending tones of ressources for forging gold item from old perks to then transfer the perks to some uniques.
I just forged my first unique (athena wings) and what i found was kinda disappointing…
Despite using one of the best athena wing of my alliance (potency=174783 at lvl 150), i get poor perk value for a level 124:
potency = 32442 as expected (174783/1.05^(150-124+14)/3=32442)
For CDR, if i superforge a bronze item, i will get a value up to 75000 (so 25000 after normalisation factor for comparison with cdr=28380 on that item)… The increase is pretty weak, while the cost is super high compared to a bronze superforge. Basically, the unique is about 13% stronger compared to a bronze titan 5* superforged

But a gold titan 5* superforged will be like 80% stronger compared to a bronze titan 5* superforged (if my calculations are correct, which is not 100% sure as i was not able to test it so far).

Conclusion: it is much better to superforge a gold titan (or even a silver one) than to forge a gold titan item and transfer it on a unique ? (but the drawback is the cost of titan 5* items for superforging…) ?

Am i right ?

I suggest you first ask around before trying out costly thing. Here is my opinion on the matter:

  1. The cost of forging is the same, except for the cost to refine unique
  2. dismantling items, have a huge value to prepare (especially gold/titan levels) - this makes maxed golds/silver naturally more expensive
  3. the values are really small, but you can actually make the item “easier” and probably faster in most cases.
  4. gold uniques can be upgraded

My conclusion is that it can be used in certain situations. Here are some good examples:

  1. you can use really old gold items (or even silver) to make use of the uniques for “free”
  2. you can use those small items to max some important perks. Best example CD. Lets say you use Cadmus/Helen. If you managed to get to 65-70% adding CD on one of the uniques (shield/cape) isnt a bad idea, to max CD and no need to max forge a lot of items.
  3. some uniques can be beneficial when on gold level, while you might not require their unique perk. Some examples can be speed, or leadership or even AS for Ajax.

Depends on your setups. You can fit in a couple of good setups with less effort.

But certainly, uniques should be used at bronze original state, when leveling up. And then they are no longer needed so much. Some uniques are really really helpful in your leveling up… others not so much.

Refining uniques is one of the biggest wastes of resources in the game. Only do it with old silver/gold gear you have no other use for.

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124 is my final level and i had no gold item when i reached it. So i will never be able to use gold item on unique except by forging it on that purpose… No way to recycle old item

@archimides: how gold uniques can be upgraded? Are you saying that at a given level, i can upgrade with gold and then upgrade it further?
Or are you just mentionning the fact that a gold can be refreshed by using the same gold on a later ascension level?

You’re not forced to refine uniques, at all, though. It’s a waste of resources.

so you advice me to not use the most wanted items of the game ^^ (tbh, that is somehow my conclusion after athena unique forging… except for 2 or 3 items)

Yes, that’s exactly correct. Uniques are generally overrated and refined uniques are a waste of resources.

Yes, you got it. You can “level up the perks”, as you ascend even on gold level, with the same gold refining as the first time. Again it’s a choice, both me and Dumpster have told you what we think about uniques. You need to adopt them to your style of play. But during level up, they can be very helpful, almost half of them (but on bronze level)


but i m no more leveling up :slight_smile:
and yes, the herculeum head item was usefull during my leveling… but that was the very only one i upgraded (only 2 times ^^). I though it was better to hoard titan 5star bronze items for super forging :), and having 80 ready for dismantle was indeed usefull :slight_smile: