Forging items list

Create a list with cooldown items, like upgrade list.

So, we can handle easily all is in forging progress.

Requested multiple times, never got an answer.

If you want to train something with pearl for the first time :slight_smile:

What you intensively train with 20000 pearls you collected?

What is most efficient if you train what?

Not equipped・・・(The exchange is frequent as the level increases)

The magic you use frequently and the unit you often use

Yes, it is a threat to the opponent to intensively adopt one that forged 60 times rather than six kinds of things that were trained 10 times.

Recommendation from me

For Beginners first ! Upgrade cannon perfectly and continue upgrading castle guard…

Fill the castle guard with a cannon.

You will be satisfied with the work of the blacksmith for the first time ?