Forging items.

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Im sorry if there is similar topic but im the new one here.

I have problem with forging items. I probably do not understand the rules of doing this. Why if I want to forge sth (ex. Ring, helmet etc.) Then it loose many of Power? It is good that we receive another feature, but why the hell the rest is sometimes even ten times lower than at the beggining.?

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Hey @Avaloon

This is one of the reasons, we asked for more exact information, so new players or first time refining players know what they are doing. This helps new players or new challengers. Here is some info for you.

  1. The perk gets lower, because it is somehow being half to accommodate one more perk. It’s easier to understand with resistances. If you have 100k of fire resistance, refining it would for example make it 70k, and then you add 70k of poison. This means at the end of the day, you have a total of 140k resistance, while you started with 100k. It’s a real upgrade of the item. Plus, you get a major boost of the item’s main power (leadership for cape, damage for weapons, physical for shield, health for vest/boots).
  2. The values I gave you, are actually correct. If you MAX forge (using the most powerful dismantles - 4* and 5*), you can get a 70% of your original value, both on existing item and on the refining item (usually, it depends on perks, some have lower outcome).
  3. You need to be careful, maybe you can ask a few more questions before making some. It’s expensive, not worth it if you make mistakes, and less effective if not done correctly.
  4. Don’t try refining by dismantling rings on regular bronze items, makes your possibility 50%. So it’s better when you start to use other than rings, this will guarantee to transfer the dismantle perk, unless it’s already on your destination item. If you try to transfer CD cape onto a CD cape, you will get a completely random cape.

P.S. it’s close to 9 times lower from titan to green on most perks ? this is the same for the hidden perk too (on bronze refinings)

I’m still unclear on the algorithms involved and whether forging and refining are worthwhile. 

In any event, without hijacking the OP’s thread, what is the difference between forging and cursing an item? I have an apple of discord and a 5 star titan item and don’t know if I should forge or curse? Any ideas?

grrrr. Trying to upload simple screenshot from iOS and keep getting error saying “4.88 Mb size limit”. How am I supposed to Downres my iOS screenshot?

Cursing puts it in a cursed chest and changes it into a different unique. Forging upgrades the item to the max values for your current level. 

Ahhhh. Gotcha. But do I then have to pay gems to get it out of the chest? Will it just be some random high level unique or whatever? I’m trying to get Perseus mirror shield ? 

many thanks

It will be random. It can be a unique you already have. You don’t have to pay gems, you can break the curse by doing tasks. 

@Avaloon you can also have a look here:

and here:


i wanted to create a topic right now and I have see this one. i wanted to ask

Refining vs Separate items who won?

I don’t see what advantage this offer? I means My hero are more weakers than stronger with this. The value is very low. After 5 Stars Silver when you refining again for gold stars. that worth it?

Because separate normal Titan Items seem better with value over 20k

So Should I continue to upgrade my rings until stars gold refining items or stop?


It’s hard for me to judge if those are good or not without knowing your level, but in general, you’re probably wasting time and resources to refine items unless you’re using top of the line base items for your level and superforging everything. If that expense is too much for you, you’d be better off just superforging bronze star gear. When you have more resources to spend, consider forging again.

The values look low, but they may be ok depending on your level. I’m not sure.

I am level 100 and soon with all building probably level 110 in some weeks. Separate rings and stuffs give over 10k and 20k. For the resources its not a problem. I have all heroes unlock and unlock all islands or close need the 300k one. I have 200k dominance. Some of my stuffs its just a question of time before they are maxed.

At which level refining items is good to use?

Well, they’re always good. It depends on what you’re trying to do, though.

Rings are tricky, because what’s important to me in a ring is the cooldown score, so I don’t really want to dilute my cooldown by refining on other perks. Rings get slightly higher refined perks than other items, though, but in pure numbers, they’re going to be smaller than a 2 perk bronze ring.

But refining a perk onto another item that can’t naturally get it, like cooldown on shields or armor, or rare perks, etc… I think that’s a great use of refining and if you have the resources, it’s worth doing at any level. I don’t usually recommend that players wait until they hit a certain level before they start forging/refining. The exception would be if you have a bunch of major upgrades ready to go and you know that you’ll be levelling up several levels quickly. Then it could be smart to wait until your level is more stable.

thanks I will focus now on refining more the others items and put cooldown on shield,boots,etc…