Forging max

Can someone tell me where I can find max forges available? Someone said it was +30 no matter the perk. Is this correct? And would that be the same no matter if it is an item, troop, tower or what have you?

There’s not a real max on forges, but when you keep doing it over and over again, eventually you’ll find out that the upgrade percentage starts to decrease, this happens around forge #15. Then, if you still keep forging, you’ll find a moment where the upgrade percentage is so low, that it’s not worth the pearls anymore, this happens around forge #30, and that’s why you’ve been told that, but virtually you should be able to forge to the infinity.

On a lighter note, the item will be destroyed if you overforge, lol.

Thanks, that answers my question. Would hate to “destroy”  any high level items.  Lol

Ok, as your question was answered. Is it ok for you to close this topic, or maybe you want to discuss it further?

Can close it thanks. Sorry if I was supposed to. Don’t know how

Don’t worry, you couldn’t close the topic even if you wanted.

Thread closed as requested :slight_smile: