forging of item success still worst

i forged an item which is about to be a uber item and first time it got failed and according to aethers update the second time it should be successful but after after 2nd and 3rd tym also it still failed and lost 225 pearls

Happens to me.

FG answer to me sorry for inconveniences.

like even though pointer ended in green for 5 mm game make correct calculations.

they did not give answer why it happens 2nd time.

I try with archer and froster 2nd spin and lost over 200 pearls.

from that time I didn’t forge anything else. No point…

It only succeeds 100% when you don’t leave the blacksmith screen where you just had the failure and press the button again for another spin. So make sure you have at least double amount of pearls before you even retry.

When you leave that blacksmith screen, the failure flag resets and next time you can definitely fail. Otherwhise flare would have to hold a list of every individual thing you could force and fail to make sure you succeed next time. That they won’t implement.

So my advice is, go only for blacksmith if you have enough pearls (at least double) to retry immediately again after a failure, otherwhise it’s a waste of pearls. Never leave that screen after a failure, just retry and then it’s guaranteed 100% succes.

So be prepared to pay double cost, if you succeed on first attempt, you are lucky.