Forging of items

I’m Lord Knite, and I am having a trouble about forging items. I was in level 122 in ascension and I put to forge 3 unique items, and these 3 items finished when I got in level 123. Now, I can’t forge; in the items, it is written I only can to forge in next level (in 124), but I didn’t forge in 123…

I’d must can to forge again in 123: one time in 122, one time in 123, one time in 124… Right?

Please, I wait answers. Greet regards

Actually this is a bit confusing. It was said that once it gets 5 stars in titan level, you can’t forge it further unless you move up in ascension levels. But that 5 star item can be forged when you move 10 levels up or even with 1 level? How it really works…?

@Neptune, yes. The “normal” titan item can to get only 5 stars. The unique item can to get forge more times, because it don’t have “limit” (there isn’t stars in side). Unique item needs the 5 stars “normal” titan item for forging; it takes 7 days; and you can to forge again in next level of ascension.

The issue I am having is about the ascension: I was in level 122 and put unique items for forging, but these finished when I got 123; and it don’t allow to level up more, only in next level (124). I don’t know if is right or not, because nobody says nothing about it…like in other topic I posted about error in Odyssey, and nobody said nothing… But ok.

I sent an e-mail for Flaregames, and replied it will be fixed… But when? Because soon I am getting 124, and I will lose the forging in 123… 

I don’t know what your exact issue is, because I haven’t seen it myself, but you’re not “losing” anything. There’s no advantage to re-forging uniques every level. If you re-forge it at 122 and 124 the stats will end up exactly the same as if you forged at 122, 123, And 124. 

In fact you’re GAINING 10m gold by skipping a level. 

As he says, the gain if you do it every level is so small it’s hardly worth it, considering you have to burn a 5 star titans, 10 millions gold and takes ages.

What probably happened is that when you forge an unique, it memorize the level at which you do it so it won’t let you do it 'till next level. But this recording of level is done when the forging is over, not when it starts (albeit probably the stats increase is determined when you start it). So forging was over in 124 and untill your level is > 124 it won’t let you do it. And so yes, in effect you lost a tiny little bit in stats for now - as in if you started it when you were already at 124 it would’ve had slightly better stats. But this “loss” is not permanent, as in you will recover it fully next time you’ll upgrade it again. And we are talking of really a little bit … 

Ok. I got it. Thanks, @dumpster and @Dheth . If you says, I will believe. I just am worry if it happen in next levels. For example, if it to happen in level 125. I don’t know if I will get more than 125…but ok. Thanks again!

Good afternoon. Developers solved this problem?