Forging process

Hi guys, 15 min ago i have forged a unique item on Perseus. With 10 mil coins and a 5 star item as required. After confirming the forging… they are all gone! The money, the unique and the 5 star items. LOL, what’s just happened?!? I have logged off and back on. Nothing! Go to the forging, nothing there too. Very strange… Any ideeas? Thanks!

You cursed it. 

They really should have made that process clearer a long time ago. 

Ok, my bad. But where is it? I want them back ?

Kindly Check your titan box. you should see a cursed titan box… complete the quest to ope the box…

Thanks for info! Yes, it’s there. Need to take 500 islands. Like 1 month or so ?

You won’t get it back. It’s going to be a different item. 

A better one, I hope! 

If you cursed Talaria boots, then yes. If you cursed a mirror shield, um, I don’t know what to tell you. 

Yes, Talaria boots. So it’s ok then. I’ll see ?

You chose wisely. 

Spend 100 gems and better change the quest, taking over 500 islands ll take way too long that you imagine… Even if one month, you ll need to attack 16 times per day on an average which ain’t going to happen and you need to win all those 16 times * 30… LOL, good luck with that…

I did that quest in 6 days. 

500 islands… You attacked 83/day? You got to be crazy dude…

That’s the only one you can do in less than 2 weeks if you want to

Yes, this is crazy, man! 

Did that and now i got a easier task: win 100k points in alliance wars. 80k to go :))

Thanks all for help! Have fun! :wink:

@UnforgettableGod Always happy to help… Be sure to let us know, what Unique item you receive at the end…

Can we have some infos regarding the new forge?

I’ve forged some items to 4 stars per each color. Soon I’m about to level up. Will these items provide same values in the next level? 

Example: if I choose to forge a New item in the next level, these old 4* will provide same strength as the new 4* in the final product?

Old 4*+4*+4*+4*+4* vs New 4*+4*+4*+4*+4* ?

@CaptainMorgan we need to know these hints, we can’t find out everything by ourselves.

Thanks in advance 

@Neptune Yes, if you dismantle those items to Forge they will be as good as newer 4 Star items.

The item you actually Forge should be a new one, and if you Refine it is good to dismantle an item with strong Perks (usually a newer one).

I have same questions @CaptainMorgan what is the point of refining if the ens product will be some weak Forged item with low stats and not to mention the rediculus high cost it requires. 

What should we do with old five star titan items that players found months ago or many Ascenion levels ago.

Those items are now rendered useless and can’t be used at current ascenion level at all.

So I can’t use them again through refining @CaptainMorgan?