Forging system suggestions

Hello guys,

I do understand your frustration in regards to the forging changes and all the team does too. We are closely monitoring the forum right now.

We would really love to hear about your suggestions/ideas to improve the forging system. We know you know a lot about it, you’ve been playing our game for a while. We would really like some feedback coming from you. How would you see forging in the future? What changes should we make so it’s fair to everyone? What other things could we add onto it to make it even more appealing for all of you?

We know you’ve been giving some insights in previous threads, but we would really like to hear some concrete suggestions from you. We are willing to work it out and make something enjoyable, but we need your help.

We really appreciate your support and again we are sorry about this incident that took us too long to be fixed.

Note: Please let’s keep it on topic. We would love to hear your suggestions/ideas for the forging system. Posts that are off-topic will be hidden for clarity. 

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I know probably the old forge system cannot come back and we must say goodbye to it. That was a bug who give +2 level per items. The Team have remove -1 level but by doing this you have make items and forge weak.

I cannot talk for high level at level 120-131 but i can talk for low and medium level

Here my point of the problem of remove the -1 level :

Like you can see on thoses screenshot. The gaining in stats are now really low. I can check in my older video of 1 years ago to show you the difference. The stats up now of only +4 or +30 or less its really disgusting. The fact now we must choose more the items we sacrifice make the forge a pain to use it now. Before whatever you used up the stats at +30 or +50 easily and that was fun because change a green to purple by example can pass it to 100 to 200

same if we don’t have caps and we can forge green to titan the problem is the stats are very low and don’t worth trying to forge same for green to blue.

I propose to make the forge give us close like before at the final that the forge worth it

for not have overpowering items and avoid this at all cost like before for low and medium players. You can add a +2 quality level caps by example you have a green 1 star max purple 1 star. You have a blue 1 star max yellow 1 star, you have a yellow 1 star you can max a titan 5 stars. So this way you prevent a low level player to forge green 1 star to titan 5 stars and abuse the forge without punish him. The players will be able to forge like before with high stats but will reach now a cap. This will help the player to improve their heroes and enjoy more the game

The Previous Forge before the remove of the bugs.Screenshot from my Level 100 previous account

you see the difference. For 1 star close +800. that was a forge for boots and for a glove +42 that was good forge and not like now at +4 or +200 or low stats.

i just want the next forge improve will give us like before high stats when forging

Actual Forge


  • You have stop abuse in unique items of +15 level and more


by remove -1 level you have make the forge totally useless for everyone whatever the level

  • We can’t no more use whatever items. I have see if we have old items of 1 week old its useless to use to forge the stats is useless. You force us to use now items of 2 or 3 days ago max or recent one. Its a pain

  • The stats up very very low and don’t allow us to defeat or be enough strong to defeat any base easily or gatekeeper. Result? fail always fail and lose -7 or -12 trophy whatever the hero. If that was not of my Youtube probably I have stop playing it right now after this disaster

  • I have no clue if its related or linked by the forge but items now are totally useless. In the vault I find only crap and can no longer find decent items to improve my heroes

Previous Forge (before the nerf)


  • the stats forge like show in my screenshot was very high. So that allow us to make Heroes stronger and very strong. Defeat whatever base was easy. Bring on Helios+Nyx tower combo I don’t care I have destroy all without problem

  • Whatever the items used in the forge the stats up very huge. So you can use old items of 3 weeks ago and the stats have up of +500 or +600. So no lose in time to choose a items


  • The abusive forge from green to titan 5 stars in just few days make us a little too much overpowering

so for the change in forge I suggest a caps of +2 quality and a medium stats forge per stars. Maybe a little less than before maybe was too much high but close. this way everyone will be happy. I am sure of it

The easiest  fix would be to just return the system back to the way it was. And then solve the defensive  issue by increasing  the stats on towers and barricades. Fix the ody %’s because it doesn’t appear that those numbers do anything. You can have 20% health on barricades and they don’t seem stronger. 20% health nyx toweres, 10% attack on Apollo so what they aren’t  any stronger or more deadly. That’s the problem is the ody numbers aren’t helping the defense.

Hello @GalaMorgane look my 5 star titan item.It is very rare one forged from a double cursed green item. But it is old now and weak for my current lvl (130). My request is : you better give us an option to break 5 skull titan items to 1 star titan matching our lvl. So we can forge them to 5 skull once more to make them worthy to equip. Thanks. 

I wholeheartedly agree with Jttn - return to the old forging system with the bug.

I know it sounds a little weird, but forging these insanely powerful items was  a lot  of fun.

Add 1-2 defensive levels for towers and barricades and 1 level for units, none for spells. My gut feel is that this will result in balanced offense/defense for players with well forged offense.

For lower/medium level players, the change would have little impact – forging is less of an issue at these stages, since there are not enough surplus resources to forge. They would also not be impacted by additional tower levels, since by definition, they would not run into maxed defenses.

I still don’t understand why CURSED items once they max out on Titan, aren’t able to be replenished to start all over … very much like uniques. They are actually of more value and use than a unique

we need a balance in defense structure and defenders definitely

right now there are immoral defenders due to old system of forging so if you want to go back to old forging nerf on keeper is a must without a doubt, old system is limitless! which is meaningless even if you want to bring old system back at least consider a reasonable limit rather being totally limitless, cause if not it will again lead to immortal weird defenders in no time which unbalanced whole gameplay by now and will get worse by the day if old system comes back. i support the idea that a forged item shall “definitely” end up reasonably higher than a raw item from chest for example a titan gear, as if i am supposed to forge up a green item to titan and end up with the same value of titans i get from chests then better remove forge system cause it would be meaningless , also i oppose the will for wanting immortal defenders like always i do ،old system was limitless no end to it only limit was time, so that old system is definitely wrong as well. to sum it up my suggestion is a reasonable forge system which is rewarding and ends up with better items than chests offer but not limitless like it was before also to prevent the endless mess of keepers.

You just answered your question 

You can have a limit on every lvl for forging… but not the forge system you have right now… 2 boosts per item not worth it… no need to even focus on this… what’s the point to have for example 60% lighting resistance instead of having 62%… make that limit on 80% or more and give us the chance to work hard on this to achieve these numbers! (Just an example to see what people want in simple words). Plus with few more lvls it will be balanced for the guys that are 131 ascension and have the op equipment… problem solved everyone happy! Even if 131 lvls consider to stay at the same lvl we can achieve their stats on lvl 135 for example.


they have nerfed the unique items making them rubbish then they saw that the normal items were better than the unique items that they had turned into trash and they thought that because the unique items have to be better they have nerfed the forge to have even the normal items in trash format . They covered the trash with toxic trash

@GalaMorgane we expressed plenty ideas regarding this topic, but the main one was to bring The Forge back as it was then you as staff can work on the Statues, Ithaca etc and building that kind of balance you are lacking so far.

Your “bugs” don’t come from The Forge, but from Masteries. There was no need ruin the entire system just for 2-3 bugs, bugs that I repeat, have nothing to do with the forge. 

Please don’t deal with forging in isolation. It needs to be part of wider changes to the playing system or things will never balance. Sometimes it is better to accept the screwup and balance other items to it than revert your changes. That’s especially true when you leave elements of your change in place.


  1. You must have some idea what the maximum item level will be after your next ascension cap increase. If that cap is lower than was capable to be forged until your fix then reduce all items to that level. If the final cap will be higher then let the forging system go back to what it was and let the ascensions catch up. Although the game is going to be messed up for a while, the damage has already been done. This will keep your customers happy in the, hopefully not too long, until the ascension cap changes and dropped items catch up. It takes a decently long time and effort to create very high level items. As long as your ascension cap changes are in the next 3-6 months any long term damage to the game over that which has been done already will be limited.


  1. Forging should be hard, take resources and play time but it should also create items a small amount better than can be obtained in the game. That creates a system people will want to use. Forged items should not be twice as good as unique items but one of the issues you have is just how many unique items are really quite crappy. There are a small number of uniques that are really good but many are just not thought out. 


  1. Having a system that rewards not levelling is self defeating. There needs to be a system where not levelling puts you at a small disadvantage. 


  1. Give people the ability to augment not only their heroes but also their towers and barricades. Augmentation items should be very rare and only applicable to one hero or tower. The number of augmentation slots should be limited. This will, hopefully, stop the current boring trend of everyone having the same defense.



hello devs, give on forg the change, add caps ,add 20% boost only for balance and from gameplay/defenses/heros

And give back the normal stats from uniqs, today the uniqs is abnormal

@GalaMorgane threads like these are important and you should be making them often, as well as talking to the players regularly. The devs don’t have time to gather this type of information on their own. 

A lot has already been said on the forums about forging, and not just in the recent thread. Many suggestions have been made to improve it. 

I think the old system worked brilliantly, the major flaw is that the mechanics were simple but not transparent. It took months of testing and dedication by teams of players to “crack the code” and maximize the system. It shouldn’t be that way.

Heres the fix: make forging transparent so everyone can do it on a level playing field. Mark items to show what level they were acquired at and what “level” they’ve been forged to (if that’s the terminology the dev team uses). Clearly identify which items are cursed. Even provide documentation or a tutorial for how forging works if more info is still needed. ESPECIALLY IF THERE ARE “HIDDEN” FORGING MECHANICS  

Give players all the knowledge they need to enjoy one of the best parts of the game. Make it fair and democratic. Immediately restore forging to the old system while these changes are being made. 


 Threads from January and march

I would say have a forging quality number from 1-100 in the corner of each item, as you lvl up the quality of items from lower lvls decreases all the way down to 1. Just need higher % than they are today on average. I think also forging should have a small luck element (giving a greater range to the final score) as forging was never a science and things could go right or wrong!

I also strongly disagree that there should be any mechanism to re-forge 5star Titan items. Particularly cursed items. That’s what differentiates cursed items from uniques. Cursed items are meant to be powerful, short term boosts and that shouldn’t change. 

Forging indeed WAS a science. Cracking that code was part of the fun! Having cracked it there was no luck involved anymore, you could determine the outcome of any green item in advance. Nevertheless it was still fun coz it was the only thing left to do and many chats about the game were infact chats about forging. Give it back to us, in the old version, with the so called bug! Do it now to calm down the heated moods please!

Add 1 more barricade, and 1 more tower slot… easy work, and a good balance for the defense… but about forging… you need to bring back the old system 

No matter what you decide to do to counter op items (after giving us back the old forging version of couse!) please do it in small steps! Add just one level instead on two on towers or reduce caps for powers by only a few percent instead of 50%! It’s much easier to take another step in the same direction if the first step was too small than to do a step back. No need to exagerate any messure or we have frustration again ?