forging unique items

hello bros

from the first titan battle chest that ive opened in this war i got the unique item-dragon scale-shield for cadmus

because im at the very end of ascension lvl 127 i started to forge it once already and it takes about 6 days to finish

but in the meantime until this forge ends i will be at ascension lvl 128

Question:If i get to ascension lvl 128 before my forge ends will i be able to forge it once more in 128 ascension lvl or do i have to wait for forge to finish and stay in 127 ascension lvl stop the workers and when the forge is finished to continue building and upgrading until i reach ascension lvl 128 and then to forge it again?

in hope that you can help me sort this out

Kind regards to all

from Dejonius 


Good question, might have been answered before, but I cant find it unfortunately. Morgan is a safe adviser to resort to imo.

Infamous thanks for the tip and your support on this one bro

its appreciated


what say you 


Yes bro you can forge it again when you will gain a new Ascension level but remember a particular item can be forged only once per ascenion level.I have four different unique items and I am forging them constantly.

And by the way it takes excatley seven days to forge a unique item.

If you gain a new level while you are still forging your unique item ,worry not you can it again at new level.?

I hope this answers your question. ?

yes it does,you told me exactly what i needed to know

thanks alot for your answer HOLYDIVINE

Cheers bro!!!


No Problem bro.?