Forging units & spells

So, what is the best strategy, how to prioritize forging?

Until now, I’ve only been forging:

knight - speed

archer - range

cannon - damage

wolf - health

blizzard - 2% range (to get to skull in opposite lane behind obstacle) + damage (to one kill wolf)

sonic - range

bladestorm - range

shield - a little of regeneration


Am I missing something (outside towers, like range on lightning)?

Knight and archer are now maxed out on speed and range, what is the next most important forge i need to concentrate on? Bladestorm & sonic? which one of these is most important?

Currently, I use bladestorm/blizzard depending if there are many wolfs/arbs/skull/garg towers, so maybe sonic, which i always use is best?

Maybe change sonic for firestorm?

Archer range? Why would you forge that? Max range will be 4.36. I would focus on range of arblaster instead. It’s range can be forged 6.52 and since frenzies can be won it’s an incredible force to hold reckon with. Think on this, ranged troops have to get into range before being able to do a single shot. If they are inside range of another ranged troop, they will get shot.

Think on facing a storm cannon or froster base. They hit your archers before the archers can shoot back. Your archers die all guaranteed when such troops fire from opposite lane.

Here what I forge on troops

  • Knights => damage plus speed (Speed first, then damage)
  • Cannon => Damage plus health (First damage, then health)
  • Pyro => Range (when it’s over 6, they hit a cannon from out of range)
  • Arblasters => Range plus fire rate (range first to >6.2 then fire rate)
  • Frosters => Damage
  • Mortars  => blunt damage. They can take out ninjas for you
  • Other troops => If you still have pearls left, focus on best statistic that really improves (For example fire rate of a pyro is wasting pearls)


  • Sonic => range plus cooldown
  • Shield => regeneration
  • Blizzard => damage + range
  • Firestorm => range plus cooldown
  • Other spells => Depends on the spell. For example toxic cloud, slowdown perk can be great.

Yes, you miss something, item perks. Improve them when statistics are close to 130. Skull perk can be a great help for your team.

And defensive forges. Ranged towers => range for sure.

Forge blunt perk for bladestorm, it can help you a lot to take down low HP towers.

You can watch videos on youtube from oPelle and Flothaboss for overall suggestions.
Your personal priority depends on what your alliance boosts and what you use. Don’t
forge your defense (assuming you don’t have “unlimited” pearls), rather go for more
spells or troops. Defense doesn’t pay your bills (gold) :grinning:

E.g. no ogre boost = no use of ogre = no forging of ogre (unless you want to forge in

Your selection of forges is good, expand it if you have enough weekly pearl income.
I’d go with the following (did so myself, we are a medium level alliance w/o combo
ogre/wolf/monk boost, but knight and cannon 24/7):

  • knight: speed 15-17 times, then damage 15-17 times, then life 15-17 times
  • archer (it’s cheap, so i forged in advance for insta archers, as we don’t boost them):
    range 15-17 times, then damage 15-17 times, then life 15-17 times
  • cannon: damage 15-17 times, then life 15-17 times, then fire resistance (or invest
    pearls in other troops before continuing later)
  • wolf: it’s very expensive and we only boost them part time, so i only recently started
    forging life up to 15-17 times, will likely have to delay it for a while though
  • my suggestion priority 1: arblaster: range, then damage, then life
  • my suggestion priority 2: pyromancer: range, then maybe fire rate, then maybe life
  • other troops for special occasions, e.g. froster damage for dragofrosters, mortar blunt
    damage for putrid prowler boost etc. Normally needs too much pearls to do it regularly …

Spells (here you often have to mix and get some cooldown forges in between):

  • blizzard: range 2 times, then damage 15-17 times [mix cooldown 15-17 times]
  • sonic blast: range 5 or 9 times, then cooldown 15-17 times, then damage 15-17 times
  • shield: regeneration at least 1 time, then cooldown 15-17 times, then more regeneration
  • bladestorm: range 5 times, then blunt damage 15-17 times [mix cooldown 15-17 times]
  • my suggestion priority 1: fire storm: range 8-9 times, then cooldown 15-17 times, then
    damage 15-17 times
  • my suggestion priority 2: toxic cloud: slowdown 15-17 times, then cooldown 15-17 times
  • my suggestion priority 3: black magic: cooldown 15-17 times (most expensive spell to

Forge them in sequence of most used spells/troops, ranges in general are the first important
forges. Max those spells and troops with highest priority, if not done so far. After that work on
what you like (toxic cloud, firestorm?) and start forging it. Toxic cloud needs a lot of time before
using it (slowdown!), so maybe start forging early :grinning:

I’d go with (minimum): knights, cannons, arblasters and blizzard for permanent forges, depending
on your pearl income.

Forge what you use the most first. We have all different opinions how to forge each things for me I prefer to up 1 by 1 each thing until squeeze the max and after work on others things to forge

Right now I work on Knight : Up the speed at 3.08 something like 38% its +30, HP in second its more important than damage to survive more longer up at +30 until the bonus was bad around +930 and finish with damage when my knight gonna be at +90 and my archer at +90 I gonna work on my froster,cannon and so on

its not necessary to up over +50 but still stats is stats more you have and more you troops,spells or defense are bad ass and overpowering. That make you win or lose during a raid

I work too on Archer : Range first when reach +30, up HP at +30 and Damage +30,etc…

some of units have a third perk useless like Froster : just forge HP first at +30 and damage +30 Resistance don’t worth it but you can up this at +30 if you want

Forge what you use or what your alliance boost

for me its Knight,Archer and Froster maybe later I gonna use other troops but for now I up them

For spells you need a lot of pearls I don’t have advice on that I don’t forge anything right now but if you have a way to get pearls you just up the three perks at least at +5 that can help

For defense if you can up each tower at +10 at least can help to gain Gems if you left high gold

All depend of what you use and what you thing its useful for you

Thanks guys/gals!


I hope others will find this helpful too :slight_smile:


As to why i’m forging archer instead of arb: my alliance uses archers, and they are extra cheap. So why not :slight_smile:


I completely forgot to forge Pyro, I have not used it in probably more than a year :confused:

I will focus for now to finish knight and some range on sonic (to get trap towers!), than I will go for pyro maybe, try to re-learn to use that. Should be useful in offense and defense.


One other question: I am not really a pro, so I really hate changing to much ofr every attack. So… if you had to choose one, which one would you pick: sonic or firestorm?

PS: I don’t have any special income of pearls, I just melt everything, 5 slots and next to last lvl of blacksmith. So not a lot.

Why not archers range? Because it’s max range is 4.36 and they are already killed by storm cannons (range 6) from opposite lane long before they can even shoot back once. Other troops just have more range and since archers are vulnerable to almost anything it is not the best choice. Frosters hit them from out of range, so they almost don’t move any longer. Pyro fries them. That’s why not.

Here some stats, arblaster, pyro, froster, mortar  and cannons already have range wider than you can forge on archers. They are always hit first and that’s even worse when skull towers, lightning towers and boosted bomb towers are in defense by their lack of speed and range. Almost everywhere in a base they are exposed to being hit. A shield will help preventing damage but multiple hits means they are terminated fast. And due to their lack of speed it’s difficult to get a fresh army of them when a major part dies.  

Instead forge range of arb plus fire rate. You can get 6.52 range plus a fire rate over 5. Imagine what happens with that power. Arbs outshoot cannons and all other ranged troops, before even getting one blow. They even outshoot boosted ogres, wolves, gargoyles and anything that comes within their range if you summon a bunch of them. Even most towers are in deep trouble when frenzies are firing at them from out of range. Defensive troops just don’t stand a chance.

This season I am using archers, just because they are insta troop. The problem is that they need to be in range before they can deal their massive damage. And without insta and opposite lanes, that’s going to be a hard time. They activate skull towers on opposite lane and when there are a few next to each other, you can say goodbye to the complete pack of archers including other troops (thanks archers for activating towers).

Fire rate on pyro I would ignore. Normal fire rate is 0.5, adding 1.3% even makes it 0.51 after a forge. Not a good investment. For pyro work on range (over range 6 they become a nightmare for storm cannons) plus health.

Same way of reasoning you should do for other possible forges. If a forge doesn’t improve a lot, why even wasting pearls on them. Compare it always with other troops and improvements of stats. If max forges don’t even make the stat better than the ones of other troops, you either need troops to support them to overcome that problem, so why even putting pearls and energy in it? Focus on troops that can be (war) boosted and are boosted by your team. They need attention.

Do you have maxed mortars? If not, make sure they are maxed. Add blunt damage and put a few of them in first wave. That already takes out all ninjas and make sure your defense has more chance.

Sonic blast :grinning:

Thanks. You know, when people put smiley at the end, I tend to take them more seriously :wink:  

Figured as much since last night that I have been testing them. Many bases are skull/bomb/garg heavy, and firestorm is useless there. I will use it for Lightning heavy bases though, it’s pretty awesome there.

Thanks brother for putting it into context. i guess I knew all of that, but when it’s spelled out, makes more sense.

I suppose we should be working on our Arbs next.

Gotta say…


Been testing unboosted Arb last day and… it’s useless. I got 5.76 range, and it dies so quickly… I used also an item with double Arb boost. Basically not one can get past first chokepoint if there are bomb towers or cannons. Same opponent attacked with boosted archers is much, much easier. I suppose only boosted arb is worth it.


So until my alliance starts using those, archer is just fine and forging it was a good decision for me.

You exactly describe what your problem is that you face, range of your arbs is just not good enough. Storm cannons have range 6 and will shoot first. With not plenty of health, it’s bye arbs. You should first improve their range to over 6.22 and test then again. Then the arbs outshoot the storm cannons.

You should try when range is forged to 6.46 and fire rate over 4.6 (those are my stats). I start with start morale and can summon 9 of them at the start. Even a complete bunch of defensive storm cannons don’t stand a single chance. 3 boosted ogres or even gargoyles flying in? A walk in the park, outshot before even able to hit or explode.

Boosted bomb towers are a treat for the arbs, but they are for any troop, except purtrid prawler (season boost of mortars). So you really have to stay close to them and protect them while your army grows. Make sure to get speed boots or another perk with speed. It helps to kick back incoming bombs . Here is what I do with L-shaped bases and first choke point. Depending on the base start I either start with all arbs  (when there is no tower nearby) followed by a couple of storm cannons. When there are towers, I start with 2 storm cannons, followed by arbs. Go forward and take the first towers out with sonic blast, run backwards, kick back eventual bombs and shield them. Now it’s crucial to move forwards. So use scream to make any progress forwards. You probably are now at first chokepoint. Keep summoning arbs all the time. At the chokepoint defending troops stand not the slightest chance. You should kick back the bombs and let some morale grow. Now, with scream almost ready start to summon blazing knights (add speed and fire damage) or surprise mnummy (when your team has them). The trick is to keep moving now. Cannons don’t move when shooting at towers and fences.

Now scream and go forward. Keep your shield ready. Run forward, take out nearby bomb towers with knights or spells as soon as they are in range, even if you have to let a bomb explode, but only do it when the troops are still shielded. Otherwise protect the arbs by staying close to them and kicking back bombs. Use scream in that case to run towaords the bomb tower. Now… you don’t need them any further, but most times the most irritating bomb towers to the right won’t harm your arbs.  In L shaped bases they outshoot next couple of waves plus towers. Your knights (or elite mummy, let them die for knights, only shield the knights immediately) will take care of towers and your spells must be there to finish the lonely towers. Sure… there is the u-turn trap. There you need your spells including shield. Go in there, summon sonic blast and blizzard to slow down skull towers. Your knights will take care of leftovers. When you need fresh troops,  don’t summon them one by one, nope, summon them as a bunch. After the u-turn you should also have summoned a bunch of extra knights for backup.

After taking out the remaining bomb towers (they are quite a lot damaged by arbs with extended range) you should be able to win with plenty of time left. Storm cannons have no chance. They are overwhelmed by the knights and at the choke point they are eliminated by the arbs.

Only, improve range of the arbs a lot, otherwise they are not that useful. Also, improve range of your pyro. I have range over 6 and storm cannons are destroyed by a few pyros.

Thanks again Dena, I will keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Forging archers is not really pointless. With just some forges on health, boosted archers actually resist blizzard, but arbs don’t :slight_smile:


You forget something very important, blizzard has 5.5 range and the archers are not even close to be in range to fire back after being hit by it. And ranged troops like arbs will then finish the job before the archers are even close before getting in range. You archers will move even slower than you can imagine after a blizzard, nice that they survived the blizzard, their speed is reduced to almost zero at that moment and you can be fortunate if they can shoot even one single arrow before being taken out. I don’t see any wisdom in putting (boosted) archers in defense, it’s a total waste of morale, other troops suit better in there.

My arbs with range close to 6.5 will be even out of range of a blizzard before they can be hit. They deal massive damage to your hero before he is even able to use a spell.

So let’s talk about offense. In fact arbs will be able to beat full storm cannon bases, while archers bite the dust against any range troop at adjacent lane. The max range of archers is that low, that any other ranged troop can and will (range 5.5, frosters for example) take them out at any choke point without them being able to hit the defensive troops a single time.

To make it even more interesting for you, I have faced arbs that survived my maxed plus forged (14 times at the moment!) blizzard, you only need to forge health enough and belong to a team with enough fiefdoms. If you have many pearls to spend, go ahead and forge archers, otherwise I would put my pearls on arbs.

Sure, you can solve some problems with spells, but unfortunately for you the archers will not be always near the hero. A lot of bases have a lot of chockpoint areas with adjacent lanes. And for archers without troops or hero that protect them it means end of raid. And that is what you need, to protect and heal the archers at any cost, get them in range and do their damage. You will need shield plus heal (monks or heal spell) to get them to the gate. worst thing is that they activate mass destruction towers before even being close. just make an u-turn, add some LT in there, with multiple skull towers on opposite side guarded by a snake tower. Hero can’t reflect all incoming bombs for sure and he can’t take out all skull towers.

What will follow is that your archers are stunned by LT and hit by skull towers. It means bye archers. Arbs on the contrary outshout both LT and skull towers. So no goodbye raid.

When you face defenses with only non ranged troops, archers can be a wise choice, but even then you also don’t need the extra range. Like you said, it’s smarter to let archers survive longer by forging their health. Archers need extra health to have a chance to survive anything shooting at them, including the hero. Arbs don’t need that health, since they can shoot from far out of range of spells and other troops.

Thanks for replying  :slight_smile:  I guess arbs are a pretty decent unit according to you  :slight_smile:

Btw, can you give me some advice on forging the blizzard and firestorm spells? I’m thinking range, but how many times is good do you think? or maybe cooldown and damage? Would really appreciate it if u could help me 

Best way to decide is using wiki of oPelle (credits to who deserves credits) in combination with common sense.

Here is the link.

You can check max range for any troop, spell or tower. By doing this, I came to the conclusion that arbs range is quite smart to forge. But let’s focus on explaining spell forges.

Go to the link above and for spells click on the spells picture (Could be that an add is hovering over the button, then scroll to the right). Click on the spell you want to read more information about, including forges. For example firestorm spell. Click that spell

You will open this link

Search for the forge button with text ‘Expand’. Click on that. Now you see improvements after each forge and also know how many forges are required to reach a goal. You can lookup this for anything you can forge, a spell, a troop and even for defensive structures.

I think there are better persons than me on the forum for giving advice but here is mine. For firestorm I would say forge range at least 11 times (the more range the better). In that case you can hit a firebolt plus LT in opposite lane, only… your firestorm must be maxed. When you are still upgrading firestorm I would work on cooldown time first a little bit. I brought cool down under 15 seconds and then started to work on range.

For blizzard I would say do a few range forges first (4+ to hit skull towers on opposite lane, while you are blocked by an obstacle (fence or barricade)). Then work on damage.

The main difference between these spells is that firestorm is a lasting spell and blizzard is an instant spell. For instant spells it’s like a one shot, everything in range is hit and you must do as much damage to everything in that range. So for that kind of spell range plus damage is important, but damage is most important. I would forge first more range a few times (to hit more) and then focus on damage and forge that at least 15 times.

For firestorm it’s important to focus on cooldown plus range since it is a lasting spell (3 seconds it’s effect lasts!) with an extreme long cooldown. But here range is very important. When you can run forward you need to realize you have three seconds in total to hit as much buildings and troops vulnerable to firestorm after you activated the spell. So make those three seconds count by adding range. What is enough? I set some goals, like hitting LT and firebolts in u-turn, So I will keep forging range of the spell, will work then on cool down time and when that’s good enough, I will work on damage.

Do you know, how many forges on range for firestorm you need for this? Assuming there is a blockade/barricade …

I have no clue, maybe oPelle or another person with extreme firestorm range can answer this question. I am able to hit firebolt/LT on opposite lane and also the first firebolt/LT in most close corner while standing behind a fence, but I am not able to hit a FB in opposite corner in a u-turn till now. That’s more interesting.

We can guess by trial and error. You can drag a non boosted bomb tower (at the moment they are boosted) to a location and check the circle. If it reaches the other area of a tile (similar like u-turn), we know it’s less than that range. We know that standard bomb tower has range 6.75.

When the bomb tower isn’t able to hit that tile, it’s impossible (since 6.75 is max range of firestorm). Remember that firebolt/LT also stand a little bit further away on the tile, so I expect that you need to clearly have some overlap with the tile.

Let’s wait and see if it’s possible.

I see your points Dena

Well thanks a lot for your help