Forging Unqiue Items


We were discussing forging of unique items in a chat and stumbled over the fact that different players had vastly different stats shown as the outcome of forging Cadmus’ unique armor.

Based on the description (paraphrased: “Unique items will get max stats for the ascension level when forged.”), I would have assumed that all unique items have the same stats for all players at the same ascension level, assuming they all forged their gear at that level.

Did we run into a bug, or what are the differences based on? We saw some startling differences in cool down values for the unique armor.

For example, a level 121 player’s armor with yielded a little over 65k cool down and a level 124 player’s armor that would go to 51k if forged.

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That’s the forge screen of my armor at level 124.


First one: Account currently lvl 122, item obtained around lvl 104 and forged first time when I was lvl 120/121.

Second one: item obtained around lvl 114, forged at lvl 121/122 (I think). Currently 125 (for the forge displayed below).

Thx for the screenshots.

The health value of my armor falls between the lower/higher one, as I would have expected.

The cool down on my armor however seems to be way lower than either of the two above.

Although Unique Items are all brought to the maximum level when forged, there is an element of randomness in the creation of all items. When they are created the random quality of the perks is set, and this will have an effect on all future forging. Items with high quality Perks will have a higher value forever (although all Unique Items have very good Perk values by default, some will be created which are better than others).

Thanks for clarifying.

I received the Gemini boots in July. Yesterday, I received them again. When I want to forge either of them, the old ones can reach a much higher value (+30k!) than the newest ones.
This might be the reason why Prometheus got such a lower value for his armor, compared to other players. Would have been nice to mention this possibility as well, I think we didn’t expect unique items to be that heavily nerfed either


Nowhere near balanced 

I got similar reports from other players too - seems like all the “new uniques” are substantially weaker than pre-update uniques.

@CaptainMorgan is this true? Can a player that obtains a unique item today get the same stats as someone that got the unique item a few months ago?

If not, can we either balance the new unique items to be as strong as the old ones, or apply something to the old ones to get them in line with the new ones? Otherwise we have different players using very different stats in wars. This would obviously not be “self correcting” over time, as old uniques can be forged to “full old strength” by the looks of it.

Or is this an unintended bug? Or did everybody just get incredibly unlucky? I’ve heard from a lot of players - and nobody reported that a new unique was stronger than an old one.

Thanks for looking into this,


Prometheus, you don’t have much infos coz plenty ppl don’t even know what a unique item is, just for the simple reason that those items are not being delivered in an equal way. Ppl call it luck, but actually it’s not. Few accounts are meant to receive more unique items than others and this is not fair ?

What evidence do you have of this?

some players open up to 7 titan chests a week. They have much higher odds of getting uniques, but it’s because they play more. 

I do open all of them aswell but got only 2 unique in more than 365 days so dumpster, you got a solution for this? Lol

I think that’s pretty good, actually. 

I don’t think there are players who manipulate the game to get uniques. They’re just very rare. And with good reason, because there are many of them which are game changing. If everyone had uniques, defensive abilities would have to be adjusted AGAIN. 

@Prometheus  is right, it is necessary to uniform the unique objects and the cursed objects, old and new.

In fact, those who were at lvl 115 before the nerf received these items at their maximum power. Those who have received them later have infinitely weaker objects, and when the “bug” of the cursed objects was fixed, those who already had the maximum were found with very much much more powerful objects than the other players.
All this, coupled with the fact that the new unique objects are much weaker, creates a huge imbalance

it’s just justice

Always scary to see people have ready access to *my* info. I just gotta protect my PC better in today’s online world, I guess.

Joking aside, I do have enough info to see a pattern - it wasn’t all that hard to get a few people to post stats of their unique items (fully forged stats) in a few of the larger chats that are around.

Whilst there is some variation in strength in unique items across the board, “old” unique items (pre-update) are substantially stronger than new unique items across the board. I’ve only checked on somewhere between 5 and 10 items (5 and 10 pairs), but the correlation is 100% at this stage. Which is either statistically very freaky, or shows an unintended bug, or means that there is some misunderstanding between how players understood the release notes and what the devs meant by them.

Cheers, Prom