Forging vs Resources

After all we have the new update with the new forging system! We were all negative about that but it seems new update rocks. “BUT”! what about the recourses guys? Now we also need wisdom to forge things… and if we consider that we do at least 8skulls on odyssey we need about 55 millions gold and about 200k wisdom only for odyssey! So if we want to forge correctly and grow stronger we need another 30 millions per week for uniques item( or more) if we are not max level (131). Also we need another 40 millions per week to keep strong the rings and all other equipment of our heroes! Furthermore we have 4 or 5 workers( most of us). We need about another 25 millions to keep them into the job! Anyway I can write more reasons about this but my point is that we have to do 200 attacks per day to keep up if we are not max lvl(which is not possible for most people). The problem still continues with this so maybe you have to discuss about the resources we need to pay for all these things and make everything a bit cheaper! 

The numbers are for mediocre players (just to know)! We need maybe the double of those numbers keep playing on top if we are not max lvl

Don’t misunderstood me. Update seems to be really good! But the gap between max lvls and the rest of players will grow! 


It’s all about costs/time, such a great game with such a potential to be ruined by 1 single element. ?

I agree that the new forging system is very promising and if this had been implemented from the start it would have probably created a more level playing field, but Mpamparos raises a valid point: resource requirements are excessive.

You have to raid a lot if you want to do everything at max level. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The community is healthier (in a gaming sense, not in a real world sense) when more people are playing more often, and having the resources to do what you want to do is a great reward/incentive for the dedicated hardcore players.

More casual players can still forge, they can still do odyssey, they can still upgrade things – they just need to be more selective about what they do in a week. It might mean doing mostly 7 skull odysseys instead of 9 or 10 (for fewer titan chests and fame, but almost the same amount of “buff points” on their stuff), it might mean not keeping 5 or even 4 workers going full time, or whatever.

And players who are willing to grind for resources can do more. That’s their reward 1) for playing much more than casual players and 2) for facing tougher enemies on average as their trophies increase.

I totally agree with Mpamparos,gold and wisdom prices for everything are just too high and its impossible to play (forging,odyssey,upgrades…) everything properly if you are not online and fighting 24/7,costs are too high. If we all want to have private life and play this game then prices should be reduced…or FG goal is to keep us online till the day we say enough and quit game because of several very stupid mistakes. Its not needed to make things simple and much easier,kills the game and it should be competitive but its also not needed to increase it to very hard and prolonged levels of play.

If you ask me,costs should be reduced just by 25-30% and it would be more interesting and a bit faster to play and do everything whats needed for a normal player (<4 hours of gameplay per day),game have to be competitive and goal should be to create more competitive players just a little bit faster because many left and many leaving so their places have to be filled up in 2-3 months and not in 2-3 years lol.

Still the problem remains! The gap between max lvls and rest of players will grow. We have to choose what to do instead of u! I wanna do everything and to do that I have to raid the double times than u everyday! Why then u will be rewarded more than me? Just because you are max lvl? 

That was my point bro @dumpster

Yes, that’s how it should work. You should not be able to do everything every week. You should have to make choices.

Yes but that would be good for all players! Now max lvls have the advantage again! They had it with the previous forging system too! It’s not possible to make max lvls make choices instead of doing everything and close the gap. So make everything a bit cheaper will balance it and we will have equal opportunities 

So if it’s 25% cheaper it might allow you to do more every week, but what about a level 80 player? it would have to be 50% cheaper for them to do everything every week. What about a level 20 player? Shouldn’t they be able to do everything every week?

Why it has to be 50% cheaper at 80 LVL? They can’t even do high skull odysseys cause they can’t upgrade their port at this lvl. Also the upgrades need less gold and wisdom at low lvls. 

No one is writing oldest and strongest players should not have advantage,of course they should because of time they spent and spending on this game,problem is somewhere else.

If game dont allow and create just a little bit faster more, atleast mediocre ,higher level fighters then ratio between those who already left/leaving/will leave soon and those which are progressing is in danger,strategy should be to create competitive environment a bit faster and not to face big shortage of players to recruit for alliances.

The solution is that the game needs more content more often. The problem is that the devs don’t release content on a regular basis so there have been hundreds of players at level 129+ over the past 6-8 months with nothing to spend resources on except odyssey and forging.


The resource costs as they stand are exactly right.

@CaptainMorgan, what other players have said is true and you have done an excellent job with the version 4.2.0

Like you have reduced forging costs a lilltle but it is not going to make that much difference.

I always wanted to ask why players are required to pay twice when curisi g a duplicate unique item?

Please listen to what I am about say.

First a player finds a duplicate unique after opening 50 diffrent types of titan chests.

Now he/she has to sacrifice a five star titan item that seriously requires a lot of time, dedication and resources to forge.

Not only costs of forging a five star titan items are insane but it adds insult to the injury by further asking for 10 million gold too.

Why all things require a five star titan item?

In case of exchanging a duplicate unique isn’t better to do it for free?

Yes I said free it’s not fair that we have go through the same process of cursing an unique item which is a duplicate item not to mention the quest that is need to be done in order to open that cursed unique chest.(and for what another duplicate unique item)

I know some pmayers who have curesed a duplicate item only to find that same unique item in the game.(I can send thier ingamenames in PM if you want @CaptainMorgan)

It is these features that frustrates customers or players and force them to give up on the game.

I am very happy that you always come online and listen to what community says and you try to implement the same in the game too.

Since the new forge system also requires a five star titan item to  refine ,it has further widened the gap between new accounts (such as mine) and old accounts(older than two years)

Well I hope you do something about duplicate unique items requirement, new forging system costs time required to forge them is still okay.

If you need some suggestions as to how to improve these features.

I will be more than happy to offer them,right now I have only explained my concerns :slight_smile:


It’s really not right… just suits you… but you won’t admit it… it’s your opinion and its fine by me @dumpster

I agree with you my friend, FG even allowed old accounts to keep thier uber forged gears from a bugged system(According to @CaptainMorgan)

But they didn’t have the courage to destroy those items and then remove the old Forging system  that was done two months.

I gained like what ten Ascenion levels now my all heroes almost feel like help child against the chaos gate of a 125+ ascenion level and not to mention maxed units ,towers  and barricades.

Good job Flaregames keep doing such things that you will lose your most loyal customers soon???

It’s exactly right and will be fine again when they release new levels soon. This is a compounding problem because:

  1. a preponderance of players have been at or virtually at max level for well over 6 months. Some players have been at 130 for nearly a year.

  2. In this time they have had nothing to spend resources on except forging and odyssey. Offensive abilities have long ago passed defensive capabilities when two similar skill level players fight.

  3. because of this the devs had to nerf forging to try and re-balance the game, which hurts non-max-level players the most. It’s done more harm than good.


So it’s nice that the devs didn’t do much from October to January last year. I know there were things going on. They have lives too. I don’t blame them, but that had a big impact. They also work for a large company with large resources who doesn’t seem to like to send it to the OR team for whatever reason.

I know the feeling trust me… my heroes are getting weaker and weaker as I lvl up my ascension… but max lvl players don’t get it! 

I think this was actually a technical impossibility, not a choice they made to be nice or whatever. I don’t think they could have done it without making a mess of everyone’s items.

We all did that. All of us. Levelling up sucks. That’s the game and BELIEVE IT OR NOT a lot of the game used be a lot more difficult than it is now.

I won’t argue I’m not In a mood… but u are off topic again… and it wasn’t more difficult than now. We just didn’t know what to do everytime that something came up. Then it became easier and easier. Anyway my point was about the opportunities between players. And I don’t know why you are so negative. You will still have the advantage. We will just have more chances for playing equally.and guess what. This is the only game that goes this way. Every other game give boosts to new players to catch up faster the older players and after some lvls these boosts stop. That’s how you keep the game alive. Only that one don’t have it. And that’s why it’s diyng every day! I’m not newbie in games and I was on top on many others. What you say it’s completely wrong my friend