I have one question about how forging works, and maybe other people have some too.

My question is that when I am combining items, adding a 1 star item makes the forged item better than adding a 4 star item. Is this intended behavior? Intuitively, you would think that combining the higher-value item would be better.

When I pick the sacrifice item for forging, the system list the better ones first!

howerver the better ones not depends on number of stars, some items with 1 star could give more bonus than 4 stars

I guests it base on the ascension level of item?

I think that’s right, it’s a little opaque though. 

@dumpster @AlexJark It’s correct that the system lists the better ones first (though if several items are similarly good for forging, the second one may produce more favourable results than the first).

The Forge Level system might be a little less transparent for older users, as we have assigned ratings to your items based on how good they are for the level they were found on, meaning you already have a stockpile of old items with more than 1-Star. Every new item found will always have Forge Level 1 so that you can upgrade it the maximum number of times.

For an example as to why a 1-Star might be better than a 4-Star, imagine you upgrade an item at Ascension Level 10 to Forge Level 4, then level up to Ascension Level 100 and find another item. The new item will be Forge Level 1, but a  lot  better than the old 4-Star item, and will most likely give a better stat increase to other weapons.

In general the Forge Levels are more of an indication of how many times the item has been, and can be, forged, rather than an indication of quality (you could also make bad forging choices and end up with a weak 5-Star Titan Item).

Cool thank you!

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that items seem to lose power when transitioning from a 4 star godlike to a 1 star titan quality.

With the other transitions (e.g eternal to godlike), there seems to be a major increase in stats.

Is there a reason for that?

This should only happen with very old items; it is because the calculation for Perks has changed since you got the item. This causes it to decrease when the Rarity changes and the Perk is re-rolled. It should, however, still be possible to raise it above the original value with some more forging.

Ok, that makes sense, but it’s probably not worth the expense. Thanks.

@CaptainMorgan, can I put in a request that in some future update we get a little notation on the items about what ascension level we acquired them at? Like just a little “115” or “120” in the corner?

@CaptainMorgan Its great the new update, But we have asked you before few month to include flag of Middle Eastern But  Unfortunately nothing we get!

I have been talking with u and @dumpster he asked me “which flag u want because there are many”. I told him can use Saudi Arabia flag.

Can u tell me why we didn’t get what we asked for it?!

Hey @Samir,

this has not been dropped, we were simply unable to include it for version 3.7, it will still be done in a near future update.

Please also note that not all suggestions are included in the game, so it is best not to expect something which you have suggested to appear. In this instance, however, we still plan to add additional flags in the near future.

there was many version updated and nothing we got! 
3.7 is the big update and in 3.5 version have add Indian flag. I think that’s easy to add more flag for many others counties if Flare DO NOT WANT add our flag just tell us… 
We are not 1 or 2 members… there are hundreds Arab fighter active in this game.

We know you @CaptainMorgan help everyone as much as u can… we hope to do this for us soon.

some of our Alliance rank is now between 70 - 80  in the world.

Just an idea… Maybe a new flag can be a not a nation but “United Nations”. There are many conflicts between many nations but at least at our game a united flag would be awesome… For example our alliance consisting members of at least 15 nations?

I like the idea of some international / united nations flag, but please keep in mind this topic is about FORGING of items, not flags. Feel free to open a topic about flags if you want, but let’s try to stay with forging here in this topic.


Now, I like this suggestion. Would help getting an overview of what items are good candidates for forging.

Also, I noticed that there seems to be some sort of strict line separating items into “good” and “not that good” in terms of their increase effect on a forged item when chosen as sacrifice. Specifically, I chose to forge a ring, and about 6 items (left of the list) all gave the same increase, and all other 10 items (right of the list) gave the same lower-than-left-group increase. So, I wonder what exactly plays a role for this… is it only ascension-level based, or also based on the number of stars (and possibly previous forges) the individual sacrifice items have? Do cursed items make for better or worse sacrifice items in general? Also, the splitting line - is it based on ascension level difference of forged and sacrificed item, and thus possibly different for different forge items, or based on your own current ascension level?

@CaptainMorgan Would be great if you can enlighten us regarding questions like this. Players can only make informed decisions and strategize if the rules and mechanics are known.

For example, may it be a good idea to forge existing 4-star godlike items once, to easily/quickly turn them into 1-star titan items that can be used to forge other titan items? Or better start with new 1-star godlike items and forge those 4 times? What would yield more effective sacrifice items in the future?


Two more questions: Can a 5-star titan item be forged any further, or is this the end of the road for an item?

And what happens if I forge a cursed item? Does the curse also increase, making the item harder to uncurse? (For both cases, increasing stars and increasing item tier.)


I know that’s quite a lot of questions, but I think they are all relevant for using the new forging system properly. Looking forward to your answers, @CaptainMorgan! :slight_smile:

5 star items can be used to enhance uniques. 

And I’ve noticed that cursed items tend to be high quality and enhance things bigly. 

This is great.

Wow that is a big jump in stats! Congrats on that one!

Forging is awesome.

It might be convenient to have the “forge” located someplace besides/in addition to the Heroes Temple, though. Maybe the resource screen?

Hi @CaptainMorgan 

Forgimg is great and that you guys thought to make unavailable the items that are on ours heroes is wonderful.

 But we all have some other gear we don’t want to use to disassemble and here it’s tricky because we have no way to lock those items to not appear on the list of gear from which we choose . Would it be possible to put a kind of lock on gear items? For example we click on the ones we wich to keep for future forging and it lock the item like the ones that are currently on our heroes and it will not show on the list of disposable items?

It would really be helpful so we don’t by mistake use one we do not wish to use.

What exactly do you mean with “forge”? The overview of all running forges? Not sure that would fit well with the resource screen without it getting too long/much (I had like 8 parallel forges going on today at some point)…

Just the button to open it up. And I guess I didn’t mean the resource menu, I meant the worker menu. I’ll do a crappy photoshop.

EDIT: ok like this: if there were 3 context buttons at the top of the upgrade menu, one for workers, one for curses, and one for the forge. It would save you having to go to Olympus, scroll up to the temple, click it, then click the button. Everything would be under the Upgrade menu.

EDIT2: If I’m asking for the world, can the resource collection button be available from the war map also? I hate having to leave the war map to collect ambrosia, then go right back. Or maybe I should just die less. Can you make me die less?

why is there a difference @CaptainMorgan?