If you take the upgrade on the 40.685 now, it will be upgraded to stats appropriate to your current Ascension Level.  Then you can wait a few more levels and do the other one, which will have greater stats at that point.  Kind of unfortunate to have 2 of the same item now that they can be improved.

There is mainly a difference here because each item has a slight random factor associated with the Perks, just because it is the same item of the same level, does not mean the Perks will always be the exact same.

I really like your two suggestions, especially the 2nd one (i hate too leaving the war map for collecting ambrosia).

“Finish forging” process make any sense… When finished it  must be in use… 

Hey Guys, never see a topic for follow problem so I decided to start a new one:

I have many items (titan and godlike items) in my inventure which wait to get upgrade by forging, the big problem is: At the moment I dont get the “best” results from the items I currently can spend for the forging. It’s like I have one “good” item in the inventury and 20 “bad” items, and just one item is “good” enough to upgrade some of my items to the best result.

So maybe I dont understand the System right or its in general not clear enough.

Sometimes it looks like cursed items gives the best forge possibility but if its true, it means, I have to forge cursed green/blue/ puprle/ items first, to can upgrade my godlike/ titan items I finally want or I wait (and thats the problem) a _ looong _ time, to recive some items from cheests (which for the intern system “worthy” enough) to get the best results for the forged item.


Hope I explain the problem clear enough :slight_smile: nice and good war days all :slight_smile:

Upgrading a green item to purple tier doesn’t take very long, really. 

I guess I dont want to discuss if it takes to long to forge green to godlike items dude… maybe I get a ‎qualified contribution for my case :slight_smile:  

of course forge green to godlike or titan take some days maybe a week. Because you must forge them at 4 stars each before change of rarity. Green don’t take long between 1 minutes and 1 hours. Blue not bad between 1 hour and 3 hours. Purple start to be a little long between 3 hours and 5 hours. Godlike and titan in 10 hours

but I don’t think its a race. Take your time and one by one forge them. You can forge like 50 greens a day or more. 25 blue, 10 purple, 5 godlike and 1 or 2 titan. All depend if you have the items and the gold cna be more or less

I see your point, @JohnnyGoode, but obviously it has to be hard to forge items to max values. If everybody would always and immediately get the best items for the best increase of stats literally everybody would have maxed items, and that is no fun. So to answer your question: Yes, you have to wait a looooong time to get the best item to use it to forge another item, or you accept to forge items with weaker items and live with somewhat weaker forged items. To me that is no bug but part of the game/fun.

if you forge up green gear it will be pretty good to mix with your gold and titan stuff, and it doesn’t take long.

Yes, some godlike items are crap for forging and make no sense to use them forging. What about use that crap godlikes forge with eachother to make a titan? So you will have titan sacrifices… Unique items need 5 stars titan so they can be further used for unique item sacrifices… And good way to have titan sacrifices, to empty item slots and to make some room for new ones… 

or just sell them


I think selling not a good idea because 3-4 star godlike items statuses seem increased same with any godlike item… 

Hi everyone!

One question… we know that uniques can only be forged once for each level. What if we do not forge?

_ They dont stack…you just lose a try _

if you can afford it, there’s no downside to upgrading every level. For 10M gold, though, it probably makes more sense to wait several levels.

Yes… anyway i think it’s better to be able to find gold at every level. Losing the chance to forge it is a very big disadvantage…

It’s always upgraded to the stats it would have at that level, so you can skip.

Would be nice, to use a unique item, to buff another one. So if you have one unique item twice you could use the weaker one to buff the stronger one. I have one unique item twice and one of them is needless. @CaptainMorgan is there something planned, to use doubled unique items? Or maybe the option to convert the unused unique item to have a chance, to get a different unique item?

grande Imperator, forgia mi raccomando, altrimenti resti indietroooooooooo