Forgoten King

Hey guys and Gals , we have 8 members , so how did we get into the conquest? we are there working already , but dont know how or why ? Does anyone know ,cause we thought you had to have 15 active player to get in? Amyone answer my Q?

just an idle thought, did you guys play in the other 2 CQs?  Maybe the algorithm avg’ed the first 2 fights, put you in a certain class and something didn’t click that you didn’t have enough players?

Glad you brought that up , Yes some of us fought on other teams , both times , and we have 8 players , will be funny to see how bad we get killed . or how funny how well our defence is

an algorithm ? like thier computers f…d up?

lol , its all good ,

at least we get to tease Flare about it 


well, we’ve seen all 4 teams now and 1 has 6 players way higher than any of us.  we’re ranked 3 out of the 4.  will be happy to get 3rd 



I am moving this to bug and technical issues, because it is not an idea or feature request.