Forgoten Knights ,,,find a home here

We arnt big so you wont get get lost in the crowd , hehe , but we need dedicated players , fight wars and events , for yourself as well as the team . We are friendly , caring , and most of all sharing , info and prefer peeps with abilitiy to be generals . If you have been forgotten , we wont , every team mate here can step up , if ya dont have what ya need we do our best to provide , Alli lvl 29 , trying to grow slow to win wars ,if that makes sence? haha . come join make friends and have fum , but plz win ! LOL Oh yea , Kaiser is the beast ! Young to old ,and we have a few elders here , as well as some sporty young fighters . If ya fight for us we fight for you , wish all the best , but the best for us.

No new members during war , ya know why .

I am back home , now time to rebuild this team , the good 1s are here and working hard for a new futer , are you a team player ? Want fun and fights ? We are the leftovers that others are to good for . Been to a few other allis , some where friendly , some stuck on themselves , but ya wont find that here , what ya will find is building a GOOD team is ruff , but well worth everything ya put in , and will be what ya get out of it . Hope to see more of you come and plzzz take the time to get to know each 1 of us . 


Hey man, don’t give up. I’m sure there’ll be some players. Just keep on looking. Find some potential players, friend them and talk to them about your alliance and why it’d be:

A) A better alliance than the one they are currently in

or B) A great new alliance for them!

hey man talk to me , find ma at Forgoten Knights


haha, sorry, but I’m not in the game currently for one of two reasons: For one, I still don’t have my laptop fixed, that’s the curse of procrastination right there . The second reason is that I have shortly retired. I’m gonna come back at 4.0 to check out the update. But yeah, I’ll talk to you then, what’s your IGN, just so I’ve got it for later

Forgoten Knights, Forgotten King and Forgotten Alliance. Lvl 29 but only had 10 players

Forgoten King , we are Forgoten Knights , hope yer laptop is fixed soon , and your retirement is well used , lol . Look forward to seeing you back in the game !

Yes finding and keeping good team mates is hard , have been thru so many only looking to use boosts or for some troops and leave , and a few that betray !, But our heads aare up and hopes remain .