Forky - 61 - 2471

Ascension - 61

Trophies - 2471

Rank - 236

Active spender. Looking for alliance with 24x7 blessings and where everyone contributes. 


I would like to invite you to the top alliance “Щит и Меч”
What you’ll get?
We GUARANTEE buff (blessings) 24/7 (barricades, spearmen, warriors, 2 towers).

What do I need from you?
Each member of our Alliance regularly Donating $ money in the alliance. 1-2 million least a week, it’s required. All helping clan and stay active. In this our secret.

Join the alliance “Щит и Меч”, or leave your nickname, so we sent the invitation. Welcome to the best union. Limited number of seats
Join now!! Alliance «Щит и Меч»