Fortune Perks: How does it work?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a set with mainly EXP and luck perks using some runes usefull to get more rewards (golds, less food cost, lucky treasures) because I want to focus on level up getting more rewards I can.
I still need to find 2-3 items, but that’s what I have now.
I tried 2 different type of boots and I don’t understand something

In this first set I’m using boots with EXP perks and it does give me 42,06% luck.
But it also shows 49,90%.
I don’t understand what’s the way this works.
Do I have 42% or 50%?
And Pro bonus (14,92% / 16%) is already counted into that 40-50%?

In this second set I use boots with luck perk.
In this case the difference is even bigger, from 49,81% to 63,28%.

What I’m asking is:

Is the right luck I have 50% or 63,28%?
And is the total almost 80% enough?
Cause I don’t notice a lot of difference to be honest.

To be honest, 80% is not enough, it still can fail on first chest in CoF. More is better for sure.

Thanks for your answer, didn’t notice I could see it right there, my bad.
I guess that combining EXP and luck, I won’t be able to reach its best because items with EXP can’t have luck except they are already born with both like that pro Axe I bought yet.
I think I’ll slowly switch to increase my luck at least at 120% and sacrificate some EXP for the sake of rewards.
Thanks a lot.