Forum account link and new content

It would be great if we had to link our in-game accounts to the web forums so the developers can see who is recommending changes at which player and league tier… maybe to help sort out some biases that may appear on the feed (like people negating ideas for new levels). Also, when considering changes to the game, maybe have an in-game poll to help determine the best way to proceed with changes as the majority of forum posters are in titan league. That way, say if there’s a suggestion to increase penalties for GK bypass, all players would have a more concrete vote in the matter. This would help so that we aren’t just accounting for a couple of elites that were in LINE or GroupMe chats deciding to bombard the forums with ideas that would only benefit the upper echelons.
On a side note: It would just be fantastic to see a level 14 temple come out in the next update… with new towers and units! It would be a welcomed change, especially now that build times are so much faster.