Forum changes - feedback thread


We are moving our forum platform.

Dear community,

Firstly, we want to thank you for contributing to these forums throughout the years. It was great to see all the discussions, the sharing of knowledge and people coming together to talk about our games.

We have important news to share regarding this forum platform.

At the beginning of May, we will move the Royal Revolt 2 and Olympus Rising forums to a new provider and discontinue other discussion categories.

We will put this forum on “Read only” from May 3rd and expect the migration process to take at least a week from May 6th. To stay tuned about our games’ activities, please keep an eye on their respective social media channels (if available).

We have provided a small Q&A below that should give a small insight into the most asked questions we would expect. If you have more questions, that are not answered in the Q&A feel free to leave them in the feedback thread and we will answer them if and as soon as possible.

What happens to all the contents?

We have to be selective about moving the contents to the new forum. We will only move the Olympus Rising and Royal Revolt 2 forum but for those 2 we aim to move them completely.

What happens to my community reputation points and rank?

The new system does not support those kinds of points, but will be replaced by a different system.

What happens to my private messages?

This is still in discussion. Be prepared that they possibly will be deleted.

What happens to my profile?

While we plan on keeping the profile description, your profile picture and header will not be migrated. Be prepared to upload a new profile picture. There is no function for a profile header picture, so this will be lost after migration. Once the migration has been completed and the new forum is live, you can access it again.

Steps to retrieve your account from the old forum (Only possible once the new forum is live!!)

Please do not create a new account once the new forum is live (given you already have a forum account for this forum.) Use your old forum account.

Step 1: Click on “log in” in the top right of the new forum.

log in.png

  1. In that menu type in your old email address or forum name, then click on the „with Email“ button.

log in 2.png

  1. A menu pops up confirming that an email will be sent to your email address.

log in 3.png

  1. Check your email (and spam) for the mail from the system. Click on the link to access your account.

When will we get further information on the new platform?


We will remind you about the forum switch shortly before. There will be an extensive thread in the new forum which explains the various function and new updates of the new platform.

We hope that you thought this QA was useful. Please leave your questions in the feedback thread.




No… we love this forum design. I don’t want to lose it. I don’t know, how will be the next forum but, still a bit excited. It is also not good that our rank and reputation will be lost.

For this, I will add a new profile picture.


giphy (3).gif


So, basically…

Bye bye points/reputation? :slightly_frowning_face:

Farewell personal messages and attached resources?


I guess I gotta re-download all data files which you sent me Madlen ?

Well, if this is a change into a better forum structure… all fine by me.

It will take a while to get used ofc, but as long as it’s worth it… I’ll gladly welcome it  :slight_smile:

PS: Can we know the reasoning behind this change? Is it because the other forum is better or… is it because of company policies/costs?


Yes haha, this is very important!

I hope you will like the new one even more!


If possible, can you give us the name of the new forum software?


This is both good and bad at the same time. I just had gotten used to the new forum changes, but now we are changing providers and it’ll be a whole new experience. I guess it’s kinda exciting. I am very disappointed that I will be leaving behind my forum stats, as I worked hard here to earn my reputation. Anyway, thanks for letting us know of this change


Probably no more double posts?  :ph34r:


Has new provider got many milions of users? Finally we know why Nonstop knight 2, Flick arena, Tap empire, Monsters with attitude and Super spell heroes are asbent in current provider.


I know ZGS and SSH are using KTplay:

Plus Nikko is one of the leaders over there:

Could it be KTplay?


Finally I get rid of my horrible reputation?.

Too bad it’s uncertain if PM is supported or not, that way I kept contact with good RR2 friends, without the need of facebook or any other media.

Well… We will find an alternative for sure for this. Having said that, one of the reasons some visit the forum is that PM ability. When it’s no longer supported, it may lead to less visitors. 

 (fun mode). Then we have no private place any longer Madlen?, where you can wash my ears, when I once again accidentally was breaking the terms of services?.

Is there a similar function, like chatting between friends? In most forums there is that functionality supported.


@Madlen  can you provide some Information about the new System? :rolleyes:

maybe new features or plattform … i’m really interested about the new Forum :slight_smile:

and yes, this system works very well, I can understand anyone who doesn’t want to lose it.



HI guys,

 I said that we might not migrate the old messages to the new forum, but of course the new forum has a private messaging function as well.

(fun mode): I also made you Community Member of the month, so heyyyyy guess your ears were clean enough.  :grinning:

Not yet, sorry because of …reasons. ?

It’s unfortunately not KTplay, RR2 does not have the technical functionality to support this.



Could it be Reddit (I registered on Reddit in February 2019, i.e. about 2 months ago)?


I highly doubt they’ll use reddit as a game forum.

Each game normally uses a forum platform of its own.

Reddit is usually more of a fan thing.


We are not sharing the platform until we are ready to roll out I can’t answer this question yet, sorry. ?




Yes Reddit is not my cup of tea too.


Will banned players finally be excused so they can make use of the forums again? 


Hi MasMiikael,

From the rules: 17. You may not discuss publicly any (e.g disciplinary) actions taken by staff, moderators or support such as banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts / threads_, etc. […] If you have questions about disciplinary actions please send a private message to Madlen_

You asked very politely, but nonetheless, this rule applies. Thanks.


When it will be ready, I will do some surveys. I’m also writing a guide for high level players since February.


Glad that rank and reputation are going. I always found them the most useless features of forums.