Forum Community Member of the Month

Hi there,

I want to honor forum community members showing extraordinary behavior. No, I don’t mean you have to agree with everything we do and say amen and thank you :grinning:

  • Shows a willing attitude to help others achieve their game goals
  • Openly shares knowledge with the community and assists low-lever players as well
  • Provides valuable and constructive feedback to the devs, for example through feedback threads or in the idea section
  • Encourages others to be active on the forum and to stick to the forum rules
  • Friendly and open-minded behavior

I will pick a forum member around the end of each month. :slight_smile:

The member will be announced and receive 2000 gems transferred to his/her in-game account. I will contact the person via PM.

Your CM

Madlen :rr2mummy:

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Hi there,

I wanted to announce the Community Member of the Month November:

Congratulations @ARREBIMBA!

Thank you for your valuable feedback on threads, appreciating positive changes, pointing out bugs and technical issues and helping other players.

I will contact you for your in-game name to transfer 2000 gems.

_ _ _

I will pick a new community member of the month in December.

Wow, congrats to @ARREBIMBA! I was sure it was gonna be Dena4! Well, I gotta say, great job on getting the reward buddy :grinning:  

The community member of the month for December is @Dena4.

Already being asked to be community member of the month by other users, shows that Dena4 provides helpful insights for new members and actively participates in discussions. Yet he tries to be constructive and summarize things on point- thus always trying to create a fruitful discussion. I appreciate you being on the forums and sharing your opinion with us. Please write me a PM with your in-game name.

(Ps: I had to announce this already because of the holiday vacation :slight_smile:

Have a nice holiday and enjoy your free time away from our gaming nerd for a while Madlen ? 

Shivam The Lord

You nominate yourself?

maybe yes cause my record is to never use any bad words and no  misbehavious . also I tries to help others.

Can ARREBIMBA and Dena4 win again?

Its completely unbiased… and who would know better :grinning:

I nominate ME … for being willing to say the unpleasant yet remain borderline acceptable.

Its not a easy feat and sometimes the distasteful aspects need to voiced to truly understand issues.

Its not mean or negative just honest.

So whatsago is just super in my unbiased opinion …. :grinning: woohoo

Hi @Alumbri ,

Congrats you are the January member of the month!

Thanks for your constructive and always appreciated participation, and the help you provide to other people. :slight_smile:

Please let me know your in-game name per private message.


Hi @Surviva ,

Congrats! You are the February member of the month! I love your drawings and thank you for summarizing the knowledge provided collectively by the community and writing the Phoebe guide! I am sure it was useful to a lot of people. Please let me know your in-game name per private message.

Thank you!

This is one of those messages I had to read a few times to actually believe it and say wow its me. Thank you for choosing me as the February member of month and I’m very happy that you love my drawings and thank you for sharing the Phoebe Guide. Good day to you Madlen :slight_smile:


For the next one, I would recommend Awesomestknightest This young man is very active at the forums and tries to help a lot. 

I actually agree with you Dena4, for March AK is the community member of the month! Congratulations!

I know your in-game name, so I will transfer the gems today :grinning:


Thank you! I’m happy to hear that people like the responses I put on the forums (though I must admit that sometimes I can be a bit of a butt lol, and I’m working on that). Thank you for the reward Madlen!! :slight_smile:  

Enjoy the gems @AwesomestKnightest. ?. Glad to see that you are the one this month. Keep up the good work.

Congratulations AK  my friend ? have fun and buy some nice things ?