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Hello, Bonjour, Allo o Hola !

I think That the English community is less important That other languages.


So I want to see That the forum can be split.

But I think that official announcements can stay in English.

Unfortunately this will not be possible on these forums, as flaregames would need additional community managers speaking the according languages :grinning:

Myself can speak English and French, and understand German.

Also to allow all players to understand the discussions, the official language on these forums will remain English, at least for now.

We will see if there are many more people later on, it might change.

Ok ? but I think That in general discussions we Can speak as language as we know. My alliance Never has official info because they don t understand. So sometimes English are priviligied. Or official annoucements can be traduce and send on the Game?

It is not planned to localize the announcements for now, it might be in the future.

Some announcements, for example for the events, are translated, but the official announcements I post on the forums are not planned to be translated for now.

You can speak the language of your choice in the Alliance section, but for the other sections of the forums, the official language is English, so everyone can understand.

It’s good to have a forum manager of the alliance :grinning:  

To keep others updated about events, etc.

I’m ready for ITA xD

however i prefer that everything stays like this

I am because other don’t undersand…

This would require an administrator forum, and those are only flare employees :grinning:

And for now, it is not planned.

Flothaboss is the best option for French, oPelle for Italian, and I can help with Spanish. But we’re not Flare employees so never mind xD

hey this forum is world wide n official page…

we know only English n this is to be fix for everyone…

don’t put other language cz we don’t understand other language, English is a global language…

In conclusion I think That forum users speak english because they don t all understand. But 40% understand and can speak English because of their langage.

I would love to read this forum in Urdu…

Howzz that for language preference?

Grow up…

Well, English is like the international language, so using it for the forums is totally fine, most people learn it.