Forum Game - Design Your Gear

Hello Forumers,

Here is a RR2 game on the forum. Here you can design new perks or create new combination of perks on the items, though don’t expect your idea to be seen in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Example -


Then I might reply with Merciless Hammer - 2 blunt damage perks on the sword, eh Hammer :wink:

Next item: Cape

So let’s get started :slight_smile:

Next item: Cape

Silk Cape - 2 health plus huge leadership.


Interesting, although Ld depends on the item level, mention the next item as well :slight_smile:


Winter Boots - Ice Shield + Blizzard perk

Next item: Pauldrons

Weapon, a ranged one giving hero the possibility to raid Lightning towers plus firebolts, instead of needing to wait next to the tower impatiently till a spell becomes active again to destroy the remaining health on a tower.

Now I think on this, hero should always be able to hit such a tower while standing next to it.

Don’t spill out the ideas, wait till someone suggest a weapon as the next item :grinning:

Next Item: Pauldrons :slight_smile:

Can’t you make an overview of all items and let players do suggestions?

Pauldrons have protection as purpose. So a perk that decreases damage of incoming projectiles by some % for troops nearby hero would be nice.

If I do that, then forum members may not come back to this topic :stuck_out_tongue:


This topic should go on forum events section i guess. Can i move it? 

Moved it! :slight_smile:

nice =)

Next item: Helmet (since Pauldron’s idea was already given)

Cromkas Cloth

Cloth for the head,

hides and wipes away the tears of all the crybabies

and makes Hero regenerate faster.


Next Item: Belt

snake belt   no stats    damage from poisn heals you instead of hurts you


next item ring

Ring of Time

When activating the hero scream, time will shortly run backwards, rewinding the last 5 seconds of the raid before screaming (and thus undoing anything that has happened during those 5 seconds).


Next item: Gloves

Famers Gloves -

2 farmer perks on a glove for efficient raiding.

Next item: Cape again :grinning:

Since cape can be used for hiding, I would say make an invisibility perk for it, so that defense can’t spot hero after scream. He won’t activate wolf, towers and so on, during that invisible period, he is totally ignored.

Next item body armor

Wizard’s Armor

Black Magic perk + Life Drain

Next item: Gloves

Evil Gauntlets

They constantly leech a bit of the king’s health (i.e. damage him throughout the whole raid), but they significantly increase the king’s attack speed and damage the lower his current health is, up to 500% of regular attack speed and damage when at 0 health.


Next item: Boots