Forum Game Idea


(themes rotate two days backwards every Sunday)

OFF SUNDAYS - Weekly/Monthly Standings Update

Anyone can vote, but submissions require users vote for two other submissions to be qualified for submission. Users can NOT vote for themselves. Votes are worth 1 point, daily winners are awarded 3 points, weekly winners are awarded 5 points & monthly winners should be awarded FREE Boosts or Packages for resources, items or upgrades. If any player gets more Honorable Mentions than a Daily Winner gets in votes, they are awarded 3 points instead of the Daily Winner. Anyone who submits a submission with the wrong theme will be deducted 2 points & suspended for a day. Users who are suspended 3 times or more in a month will be disqualified. Users may only submit once per day until 11pm and must be in accordance to the daily themes, as mentioned above, to qualify. New threads will be posted within the last hour to start the next daily contest, besides Sundays, which will announce Weekly/Monthly standings & winners. Each post would include the rules, themed date chart & quoted qualifying submissions from the previous day to vote from, as well as a section with daily standings including a list of suspended or disqualified users. 

The following must be appropriately included with submissions to qualify = Building/Upgrade Costs, Cooldowns, Healths, Damages, Morale Costs, Attack Rates, Ranges, Abilities, Ability Ranges, Ability Cooldowns, Resistances, Weaknesses, Perks, etc.

Just a thought, hope it could be a thing if it makes sense at all… oh & “Submissions & Improvements” should be called the “Creative Corner”

You mean you get in-game rewards playing this forum game?

thats what my pitch is aiming for