Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

Hello everyone!

This is the 2nd forum game, hope y’all enjoy it! :slight_smile:  

This game is pretty simple, you have to react to the situation given above (which must only be related to Royal Revolt 2) using any of these emoticons available on the forums -

:slight_smile: :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slightly_frowning_face: :angry: ")

For example -

The game is very laggy during a raid

So let’s get started! :slight_smile:  

The game crashes on the 1st ninja island itself.


You have to give the next situation as well. Also do not use emojis not visible to Windows users.

Next: One fine day, you get to see Flothaboss in your league.

if there is any forum event then you must give rewards otherwise this will be a shit please give some rewards

This is a game for community to have some fun. Please do not post unnecessarily and spoil the thread.


I will beat him in the league because he isn’t playing much nowadays… :grinning:

Next : When you fail an important war raid.

You have to hide your score somehow, lol.

Next: You win a platinum league without even focusing on it.


Who doesn’t like gems.

Next: when you get gems in cof

It’s very rare :wink:  

When you unlocked forging on 1st defensive structure.

When you earn gems from forum or facebook’s events


When you first unlocked forging on a defensive structure.



Next: When you get a new update…

(Flare keep that secret again what surprise we gonna have)

Next : When your game crash during a Ninja Event…

:angry:  my gems wasted !


Next : when your alliance lose a war by just 2 skull difference


When you max forged a troop.

") (time to quit game) 

Next :When you see long wall of texts in forums   :wink:

When you are about to open a uber chest.


When you collect pearls from blacksmith and 1 minute later they still have not arrived.

Next: When your all troops & spell are max


Next: You get videos to boost farms after a week.