Forum like limitation?

May be I am too easily impressed or generally like many things, but apparently I’ve reached “My like limit for the day”

Got a message saying:

An error occurred

You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day


So a couple of questions for Jona or may be Mods:

  1. Why and is that actually necessary?

  2. What is the daily quota per user?

  3. Does it change with your forum status?

  4. Can you somehow implement the daily like counter? So that I actually know how many likes I have remaining for the day

Just replace the likes by quoting something with +1 comment then haha , maybe Jona could answer this but I really don’t know anything about likes quota.Can’t find anything in the help section either.

Just tried to like your reply, but failed :angry:

Forum members can give 10 likes in 24h. The reason why a limitation is in place to begin with is that some people will constantly like their own posts to raise their “like counter”. I don’t exactly understand why they do this but it defeats the entire purpose of the system to begin with. Unless a compelling argument can be made for changing the limitation, it will remain in place for now.

Haha, thanks. Why not take away the ability to like your own posts. And yeah, I can definitely think of a member who probably totally likes all of his own posts :grinning:

I don’t really care, and Fii Nami’s idea is good enough for me. May be that way I’ll become the Archer sooner :stuck_out_tongue:


And I guess the emotional limitation is there not to crash the browser by loading all the smileys. So what’s the actual emotional limit? :grinning:

Removing self-likes is definitely an idea worth looking into! :slight_smile:

Would also be a lot more effective then an overall liking-cap against self-likes…


About the smiley limit: that might actually be the reason… though have (so far) never actually noticed it.

prevent liking your own posts then we dont need a limit on how many likes we can give per day :slight_smile:

I agree, we should prevent the self-like option…

+1 :wink:


It wasn’t anything too excessive, like 7-9 for 3 each for 3 sentences :grinning:

I think the system tries to ensure that people will actually " like " posts that are helpful. If it was open season on likes then this forum would start looking like Facebook where everyone will just click like on posts that are sometimes irrelevant.

I don’t understand whats going on with this likes. Did I get any special benefits when I have likes? Or is that some facebook-thing?

its just a self esteem boost lol so yeah a facebook thing

That limit is a good thing. It reminds me I have spent too much time on RR2 Forum and should now concentrate on real life too :grinning:

Most of the time I cannot “like” at all. I reported it a long time ago in the Forum Bug threads but it has never been resolved. Eight out of ten times it fails, usually on something I feel strongly about but do not have an actual comment to add so I do not post.


“An error occurred. There was a problem storing your reputation vote”

I guess your earlier report on that problem wasn’t seen or understood correctly.

Just opened a topic in the bug section now with a quote of your post. Hope the issue gets resolved soon.

+1   :slight_smile:

i have no likes


that’s so annoying  :angry:

and it’s not really a solution cause if likes are now limited to 10 in 24h, they will just save their likes for their own posts!  :stuck_out_tongue: