Forum Restructuring and Saying Goodbye

Hey everyone,


Like Bob Dylan said: “The times are a changin…”


Great and new things are on the way for the Royal Revolt 2 forum!


We are currently working on a potential new structure for the forum to make it more user friendly and easier to use for everyone.


At the same time, we are also undergoing some changes on the human side of things.


Since we are currently in the process of reworking the forums and getting a new admin up to speed, there will be a transitional period during which we will not be able to be as active on the forums as usual. Please be aware that this will only be a t_emporary situation_.


We want to ensure that the forums remain a place where the player’s voices are heard. We will see that the transitional period is handled as smoothly as possible and that the new admin can get to work soon.


On a personal note, I would like to thank the Royal Revolt community for the last year, during which I had the pleasure to take care of this forum. 


It has been a bumpy but awesome ride and I would like to take this oppurtunity to remind you that you feedback does matter and that many changes to the game were made as a direct result of the feedback that reached us in this forum.


So long, keep the feedback coming and see you in-game (though you might not know it’s me),



Oh, i sniffed something in the air that somethin’ was going strangely for another towards…I tought that another admin was added but not that one other (you) would go away ! Very Sad !

It has been a real enjoyable year with you: your work, your “take care of the situation” in each moment, your efforts to listen us players for each strange wishes we wanted for Royal Revolt 2 ! A big thanks to you who help many people during this period !  Thanks for bring our attention to the devolopers and thanks for everything you did for us. I would have liked that you stay a bit more  :unsure:



I hope to see you in the battle, remember to leave your IGN if you wanna be raided !  :sunglasses:


— WE’LL MISS YOU :slightly_frowning_face:

Good bye “Jona” we will miss you.


Well the new admin is Jack right ? He is a soft and sweet spoken man.





All hail the new admin ((*o*)/)

Thank you Jona for the update. It is a good thing see these changes will occur.


I hope your next adventure is a great one. I hope you have a blast. Hate to see you go :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you for being our voice Jona in this forum. I know that handling it was too much job for one person, as i also know that even if you were the admin here, the big decisions came from the big guys.


I did criticized you a lot as Flare’s representative, but have in mind that my critique was destined for those above you, not you in person. Anyway I realize that sometimes i overdid it so I apologize publicly for this. My only intention was to make this a better game, that is all. And no matter what, I do have a positive impression about you, I do appreciate for all your effort and help in this game, and will be sad to see you leave.


However, when i saw the following quote i didn’t know if i should laugh or cry:



But since this is a time to say goodbyes, I won’t destroy the mood with my usual complains :grinning:


Farewell Jona! 

I’ll admit I’ve had my fair share of complaints for not being heard but I always said that it was because we were understaffed and everyone has lives.  It’s sad honestly to see Jona go; can’t have a Pryomancer being the most powerful person here haha (joking with you Jack and Jona).  It would be great to have both Jack and Jona to really boost the forums up another notch but I guess not.  Sorry to see you go Jona, you did try your best and did a great job; times just get hard and uncontrollable.  We’d all like to see you in the game, I’ll be looking for an Alliance-less player since I feel like you’re drifting around out there haha.  We’ll all remember the mighty Howl of the Werewolf and your absence from the forums will leave the claw marks of the great and wise, majestic beast you are!  Hunt well and fight on King Jona!

Wish you all the best Jona, we are going to miss you.

why!!!  :’(



I did not expect such currencie flaregame business. I have just completed the upgrade to level 11 blizzard and improve access to level 12 for $ 9M.

But about a minute later, I went into the game and see your blizzard is only level 10 and level 11 upgrade in more than 7d. Did I have to wait more than a week later. Where should 9M small amount.


ign: Ziin-ba King Star




           A-dministator"  :unsure: 

“Happy living Jona,” :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the feedback and the kind words!


We will see what the future holds for the forum once I have moved on.


I am confident, that the new Admin will be up to the challenge. :slight_smile:





the surprising thing is that jona posted something on a weekend(that never/rarely happens)



Oh come on, it’s not THAT rare. :wink:


Have a nice Sunday

have a nice sunday to you jona, btw it is very rare :slight_smile:

Jona if there were a few people you wanted to tell off before you leave we would all understand… -_-


Think I’m the most rebel mods around and always give you a headache but I sure will miss you being the admin here !