Forum: Tag options for threads

Hi there,

Forum users can now choose up to 5 tags for their posts with the following options:

  • answered (I can choose this when I have answered a question or forum users when they feel their thread is answered).

  • Moderator input needed (When people feel that their thread gets hijacked or other arguments happen and they would like for a mod to engage)

  • Community Manager input needed (When people need an official answer on something)

  • bug/technical issue (self-explanatory)

  • solved (used for the bug section, if a bug is solved, and in general if a problem is solved)

  • player input needed (if you want to ask other players for advice or opinions)

For a clearer idea, just see the picture below :slight_smile:




Hi there,

I had to update the system for a few reasons listed below. It sounds more complicated than it is. Just complicated to describe.  These will be the updated options.:




General background: Currently our forum software does not provide an option to provide a tag that only developers can use. I have made the following changes:

  • I saw there is some misusage of the “Moderator input needed” -tag. Therefore, I update the wording to " moderation of thread by mods needed". Please use this, when you feel your thread is being hijacked or contains insults or similar.

  • It was not clear, who put the “answered tag” there (dev or thread owner). There is still this problem that theoretically user could put the " community manager: Answered" tag, there is no function in the system to forbid this. But I made it clearer with the wording.

  • The tags “Dev: In Review”, “Community Manager: Answered” and “Dev: solved” are new and should only be used by the devs and CM. Please do not use them (even though you have the technical option.)

“Dev: In Review” - will be used in the bug section to display that we have seen your bug report and will look into it.

“Dev: Solved” - will only be used in the bug section when a bug report has been solved

  • “Community Manager: answered” - will only be used to display that I have answered a thread, where a person symbolized the need for an official answer with the tag “community manager input needed”

- Another change:

It is only possible for devs and admins now to use prefixes. Prefixes feature the same options as the tags do but are placed in front of the thread in orange. Since this is something only devs and I can use it is a workaround for the problem, that it is not possible to limit some tags for devs only. It will look like this (orange field). Hence, devs in the bug section and I will not use the “black tags” anymore, but the orange field only.

I probably have confused everybody now with this description, but I am sure after some time everything will be clearer and provide a better overview. :slight_smile: