Forums unreachable/blocked

I’m getting this intermittently throughout the day when trying to reach RR2 forums.
Currently getting it using firefox, but chrome is ok.

Other times both get the error, and also they were both working earlier today.


Hmm, so it isn’t just me. For the past day or two I sometimes can’t reach forum with the message as when my net it turned off (I’m on mobile btw). Refreshes don’t work but when I kill the tab and open a new one it’s fine. Thought my browser is acting up or something but apparently not (at least not entirely).

Although 4Jax’ message being about cloudflare, maybe the forum is getting DDoS’ed or somethang?

also just got this one:

Same here (happend once so far - at 14:50 Austrian time):

Just noting I have not had this issue for a while, but it came up again today.