I would like to know how to appoint a founder in my alliance.

You can only do it when an alliance is first created 

but when it was created there was no founder option

There was a “window”, of those old alliances, before the founder option was available in the game. But that no longer is possible. You were able to appoint a founder, through the help of the devs here… if they ever bring this option back, it would be nice I think. Once a year would be nice. It helps the game.


If you and other players are grumbling loud enough, maybe CaptainMorgan will give you a limited lifetime chance.  :slight_smile:

Check out this thread:


Hi there, as we have already announced we will not do this anymore. This was a developer decision in 2018 and therefore a newer decision than the thread from 2017. Thanks for your understanding.


I knew you’re gonna post that Madlen, but at least I tried.  :grinning:

“Founder” is a very noble and saccharine title to the eyes of many founders and ex-founders.  :slight_smile: