Four Horsemen looking for Members

Greetings fellow heroes,

Our alliance, the Four Horsemen is recruiting members to our ranks due to certain inactivity of former members, who were unworthy to carry our shield to battle. We are in need of soldiers, who are ready to play regularely, and give their best to a common cause.

Our requierments:

Minimum lvl: 60 , trophy count: not important, if you are willing to participate. You must be active, maintain, and be able to increase your trophy count. You must use chat, it is the blood vessel of the alliance. Daily donation is essential, minimum level of Alliance Hall Of Uranus is 7. We expect you to be active during war. 

We are not a dictatorship, but democracy. We make decisions together, our goal is to provide the best for the rest of the alliance, and have fun.

What we offer:

We are cool, we like to joke around, and we are looking forward to your application. Our members are from all around the world, therefore somebody is always online to provide help if needed. We are ready to share strategies, defensive layouts, personal experince about attacks, hero setups and improve your progress at a higher level. We are not blowing smoke in anyones *ss, not selling bull*hit. We take the game serious. One of our goals at the moment is to head up to the top 100 alliances. Currently we have a stabil position within the best 200, and running various blessings.

You are welcome to write some info about yourself here, or contact me in a private message.

See you on the battlefield

»»Gerger««  Four Horsemen -  Officer


Two spots open?

Currently no spots available, but still welcome to apply?

2 spots open?

3 spots open, current rank:

Trophies: 109th

Torches: 79th

Spots closed at the moment.?

We are in the top 100 alliances with both trophies and torches, and still happy to recive applications here??

Our sister-alliance called “Raven’s Tears” has opened it’s gates for newbies. Everybody who is new to the game are welcome to join a boot camp towards glory.

See you on the field?

»»Gerger«« Four Horsemen - Officer

2 spots open??

1 spot open?

As it is still?

3 spots open, now is your chance?

2 spots available?

1 spot open?

Two spots open, join us before war?

Spots closed at the moment but we are still happy to recive applications?

One spot open, just before war. Join quickly?

Be our 31st member, join now?

2 spots opened up today, current ranking around 60 on the leaderboard. ?


As it is still, one place available.?