Four's Company Fourteen's a Crowd

with 18 hours to go before RR2’s 2nd Conquest Event Begins, I just want to wish all Alliances taking place in this event Good Hunting!

Some Alliances who missed out on the last one might be doing this event for the first time. So too RR2 players who have  just joined an Alliance;

might also be experiencing  their first Conquest.  And I hope all Alliances doing this for the 2nd time now, benefit from knowledge gained from the last Conquest.

LoL, being Leader of Vampire Piggy Hunter; lvl 8 Alliance with 1/13 members, I will be a spectator cheering you on from the bleachers. :wink:

You still have time to get the missing players. Its not too late 18h31 minutes remaining to get 14 members. You can do it.

Your not missing out on anything trust me…its a joke ?