France et quebec rayaux alliance name changed?

How they changed the alli name when rr2 says its not possible?

Hahaha, they said it was impossible? waiting for the explanations … lol

I’ve never heard of that alliance, do you have solid proof that its name was changed?

Yes, FQR changed their name to another French name. Same members, same amount of fiefs, etc.

Few weeks ago A friend of mine asked to support to change ally name but support team said was not possibile. He asked again after FQR changed name and received the same answer as before from support team… So, why different ways to answer to the same question?!? Could u clarify this situation?!?

pay like France u will get what ever you want :slight_smile:

As usual flare has no comment :wink:


I saw your answer on the 29 gen in the “CHANGE ALLIANCE NAME” topic… Definitely something is changed… FQR changed alliance name.

oh it must be your continuous thread in the forums…if feq got name change you should just ask again…the policy must have changed

. surely flare would not lie to you…if they offer a gem deal for a number of days …that gets honored…oh yeah maybe not…by the way my team is still waiting on gem chest from my purchase yesterday…im sure flare will honor that promise also…oh well in germany there are a bunch of wily game devs laughing constantly…

Aether answered in the other thread

aether answered nothing in the other thread…i will forward the issue…same pat respose…she forwards to the trash can…could get a bot to do that job…or a rubber stamp

Just told you pay like FQR and ask what ever you want they will obey you :stuck_out_tongue: