Fraud and lack of feedback

 wrote the message associated with the bug of the game and actually stealing crystals. He asked to return, and will build even a topic on the support website.

I was almost a week does not come any response. So I spent the money stolen from me my crystals. They do not return and did not even respond to requests, although I pointed out the problem (bug in the game) as soon as he discovered.

I look forward to your response. The game is excellent, but the technical wider support just awful. Where else would I write about? The arbitration system App Store, or apply to the MS/VISA banking system?


Take care and let me have the answer! It is disrespectful to the players! Even for those who help the game grow and invest their money. 


Please check out my request. I do not answer for a long time and there is no reaction. REQUEST #15033
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Hey MrSinner,

The support team is currently overloaded, this is why you did not get an answer yet :confused:

The request was made on 28 May. Today, June 6th. It took 9 days!

Hey MrSinner, 

Yes, it takes a long time, but the support team is currently completely overloaded with tickets, so please be patient, as other players have issues as well and are waiting.

So how many more wait? Month, Year, to old age?

Hello MrSinner, 

We are really sorry for the delay, please expect an answer within the next hours. 

The customer support team always tries to answer to the players as fast as possible, sorry for the inconvenience. 

Thank you, solved the problem