free bonus chests

hello guys been playing the game on 2 separate accounts google play and Microsoft just to let you know on my tablet I use google play and we get to see commercials multipal times a day in which you get free bonus chests but non existing from Microsoft account on pc Is there a reason for this we are not getting free chests but on google play yes.

Dear Flaregames,

I have also wondered about this, why is it that players who play Olympus rising on their mobile phones get a chance to view commercials and get a free chest while those on the PC(Windows) do not?

From a business perspective if you are earning from these commercials viewings it would be quite silly not too have the option to view them on the PC, since that would in actual effect be beneficial(Profitable) for Flaregames unless it is your own commercials you are viewing such as Royal Revolt 2. 

Of course you could deal with this in one out of several ways, I’ll kindly name two.

A. You could remove the chests entirely so there isn’t that much of a difference based on wither it is played by Mobile phone or the PC. This in a short term prognosis could be a financial boon for the company, since it would literally force players to buy Gems instead of watching a commercial though in long term devastating.

B. You could also simply add the possibility to view commercials from the PC, which would likely increase the player base.

From sincerely

_ Lord Vivi _


Here’s the Dev’s explanation: