Free cheese only in a mousetrap

There was a granny gray plate with an inscription for free, I pressed it and the game was closed))

I have seen that ‘free’ item very often. I lately get it more often. Just don’t click on it is the best advice I have, it indeed closes the game. 

Old bug that has never been fixed. Don’t click it indeed otherwise game crashes and closes.

Just wait, eventually flare will start charging for closing the game. Enjoy it while it’s free. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a question of time before Flare charge 3.99$ for each bug encounter. will allow them in 2019 to fix just a little of 30% of them. After will charge 5.99$ for each bugs to allow in 2020 to fix a another 30% of them and so on…

Don’t worrie in a special one time offer Flare will give you a special pack for 25.99$ full of bugs. ‘‘You enjoy the bugs we offer you this special offer just for you’’

at least Flaregames is less horrible than Gameloft. With millions of crash,bugs and problem in each of their games and they are not able to fix them same after many years.

at least with Flare we can play them