Free Chest bug

I’ve watched the ad for the free Golden Chest 3 times now and it still hasn’t appeared in my ‘chest’ inventory.

Something is clearly broken here.

Edit: I should precise, like Cocotherough has mentioned, this affects every kind of free ‘boost’ in the game that requires watching ads.

Me too, i can’t have bonuses for my farms, no free chest, whether we watch the adds or not, and as usual, Flaregames is closed for the week end, they make their stupid changes on friday and their bugs are corrected on Monday, specially during war time, this is not the first time we are confronted to their bugs and no one available to correct anything. Our team is confronted to 3 fronts, the other teams are just attacking, i hope we have enough food to attack all of them, do the festival and try to win the leagues and the pro league. But that will be hard with this bug

Just happened the same to me.

The bug is happening in any kind of thing: Farm boost, Tavern boost or even the daily chests…

EDIT: Just tested on smartphone and it seems to work, so my question is… why doesn’t it work on Windows10?
Please don’t force me to play on the smartphone when I’m on the PC… Thanks

Just now I tried to boost the blacksmith (cos granny chests and stuff, duh) and nothing happened despite watching those suck-butt ads FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. Are you deliberately trying to cost players pearls after giving them all those free ubers or are you just typically incompetent? Something MUST break on a weekend when no one at flare is working? And don’t blame the ad provider - it’s YOUR feature in YOUR game so you’re just as guilty, flare.

Yes, I’m angry.

Same with Windows 10 phone.


confirm same issue on w10 mobile


Windows 10 pc -> ads not working (the ads are being watched, but no reward is given)

Android 8 -> ads working as usual

I’m on windows 10 PC and have no issues at all with videos or boosts or rewards.

I’m on Windows 10 PC and have no issues at all with videos or boots or rewards.

My alliance is most Windows be it desktop or mobile. No boosts  / chest after watching Ads. Those accounts on iOS or Android were reported to me to get boosts or chests.

make sure they are not just delayed. If you have a slow internet the rewards is delayed. right now I have a slow internet because I am on throttle mode by my ISP (I have maybe 1% or 2% of my speed) that provoke delayed rewards. I obtain them on the next time I am connected to the game. Like Free chest or boost farms. so its something people must check.

My ratio for now is 100%. Always obtain them same if they are delayed on the next gameplay

However when I have 100% of my speed no problem at all

I don’t think it could be the internet in my alliance case. All accounts can basically have access to 400Mbits broadband.

So I had them report the build number of the Windows 10 version these accounts are played on.

Windows core build ID (Mobile): 1130.136

Windows 10 Desktop: 17134.81 (1803)

I am assuming the issue is more related to info no longer being transmitted to Vungle and partners because of the added privacy rules now enforced.

Note: Just got info of the mobile phone alliance account player: Broadband or 4G carrier connection. Neither would yield a working boost/chest when watching Ads.

Well this feature still a mistery same today. since this feature is introduce on Windows I have never encounter any problem. I can boost all my farms,taverns or watch ads for Free each day. No limit since Mars 2017. Some have say depend of your country. Other topic have mentionated a error from Vungle with wrong dot point. Solution give by Tommy,Teamy whanever lol (don’t remember the name) where you need to rename a folder. 

today we still don’t know what provoke some players video don’t work and others players who have never face problem. too much random.I think Flare cannot solve this problem. Its not in their power anyway like all the topic problem made about Video ads here on this forum since many years. Can be your country fault,can be your speed fault,can be device fault,can be from Vungle etc…too much factor and I don’t think Flare can find what cause this for each person.

Anyway good luck all on this! 

PS : funny note : Lucky we are the weekends lol. if Archimedes pass here he will say. You have a 4G connection. You have probably pass under a tunnel and lose connection or have move and change room. that why people don’t receive rewards. (sorry this have mark me for life this non sense answer)


@Warriornator which build of Windows 10 do you run (Run -> Winver)?

April Update (Spring Creator Pro) 17134.1 (1803). I can add that work great too no problem on my ipad Air 2 IOS 11.3.3

Flare should remove this feature and replace it by something everyone will be able to enjoy without problem : 


Like in Britz Brigade. You can obtain a free chest each 4 hours ingame. A legendary chest.So on this form. that should resolve the problem. However I don’t think we will see this one day. Flare hate to improve their games.

After the latest Windows update on my tablet, no chests are rewarded for watching videos. After loging off and on, video button is again flashing, tried normal x plus get the game. Nothing works.

I hope thisvwill be fixed soon. 

Reproduce, install latest Windows 10 upgrade, after that no chests.

Same here for me too: no rewards whatsoever, after watching video on Windows 10 PC/mobile.

@Dena4, it doesn’t seem to be related to Windows update, because it definitely worked yesterday morning, and there was no Windows update in between. However, it doesn’t work since the FG Live Server Update. 


Could be, I did upgrade my Windows at my tablet. On my laptop at the office also no rewards, if I think on it, was already surprised I got new video when I logged in again. Didn’t notice that no new chests appeared, And there no new Windows update is installed.

So @GalaMorgane, @FTB, @flaretara, when will this be fixed? It’s after last maintenance. Or do we blame the General Data protection Regulation

for this?

I don’t understand why each millions Video ads problem topic. I am the only one here never encounter problem. I have a shit internet with 2% speed only. Close 56k modem from year 90’s. you have all 4G connection with over 400MB/sec connexion lol

Here I show the proof that work 100% great no problem on my side. Don’t come from RR2 or Video Ads. Problem come from you or something else. Nothing to fix

1.You see I have 4 Chest before I watch the ads

2.You see my Free chest is available

3.I watch the ads (scatter Slot)


4.Video ads over

5.I show I have watch the ads for my Free Chest

  1. Receive my Chest and up my number at 5

PS : I should precise the difference with all of you is you have 3G,4G,5G via mobile Wifi. I use Satellite. Satellite is not well popular. However Work really great


I too must concluded it seems it’s FG live update related for some of us.

Ask for a full sweep of OS’s used in my alliance. Turns out all have pretty security continence mindsets and have their OS’s up-to-date be it Windows 10, Android  or iOS.

The Andriod run alliance member account I mentions has Oreo 8.1 with it’s May 2018 security updates applied. The iOS alliance member turns out to have 11.3.1 running . I even asked for the IP-protocol used. All of them are connecting via IPv4 (apparently no need yet to switch to IPv6).

The iOS run account user tried both via 4G only or WiFi only and both times it yielded a boost or chest. Asked if the Windows mobile run account would have better results via 4G or WiFi only resulted in no boost or chest.

Update: android reported No issues via 4G only or WiFi