Free Food For Video

please stop the free food for android users or upgrade the windows version. windows users never gona win legues as android users get food free and we have to wait. it is very uneven… i m frustuated…

haha im win user too


They are NOT gonna change free food system. And you may wonder why? Well it is because for each video ios and android users watch flaregames receive money and money its all that matters for them… And as far as I know, Microsoft does NOT allow spam. So flare says: we can’t set the same system for windows users because technical reasons. And that’s all…


Actually, these videos would not be considered “spam” by Microsoft since you are not sending them to people. The spam problematic only applied to the old Facebook invite system. The reason why the food for video feature cannot be implemented for Windows Phone right now is that Windows does not support the necessary software. Those are the “technical reasons” you mentioned.

Windows players are so unlucky!!! They are not able to be at the top as ios and android users get all the good things. Hopefully, windows will support the necessary software for the guild and chat system.