Free food For Windows/Windows Phone Users (Suggestions)

Hi i won’t make this long. i know you can’t make for us free food by watching videos. so i thought that you can give us another way a special way to get the free food so here’s my suggestions. 1) a faster farms time re-fill ex: cut an hour or half from every farm level to be completely full. 2) re-fill our silo every certain time. ex: every 3 hours 6 hours etc. 3) let us re-fill silo with gold. ex: 500K or 1M for full silo  

  1. re-fill the silo after the last attack for us for ex: i have 200 food and the attack needs 150 after the raid you re-fill the silo this can be done every 6 hours if non of the above ideas you can’t do then think for one for us that you can give us to have a free food. because it’s not fair that IOS and Android players can have free food and win in the leagues easily. MAKE THE GAME FAIR TO PLAY FOR ALL …


any other suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:


Thanks in advance. hope you will listen to us :slight_smile:


I accept your idea.

You can see more update for game in my topic.


I already made a thread giving them the perfect solution and a way they can make a lot of money

What was your idea? 

I think they should do any of these 3 things:-

  1. Give WP users daily 400-600 free food. They will get this food once everyday.

  2. Give WP users an additional farm or 2 additional farms if possible.

  3. Reduce Food cost for WP users.


  1. (the best one) FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY.

Time to drop windows and switch to another platform

i  don’t  think  that  any  of  the  topics  above  make  any  sense , expect  the  farm  one  that  idea  is  just  excellent  you  can  easily  give  us  2  additional  farms  that’s  it  ,  so   that  we  can  also  play  fair  and  win  league.

give up the food things for windows man , flare won’t give anything to us.Just adapt to the disadvantages or get android device.If you’re so desperate then try the exploit , flare won’t do anything on that either -.-

yeah, poor windows users…they don’t get what ios and android users get. atleast give them additional farms.

Why not fair game for windows phone

Please create function game for windows phone same Android or ios

I never use tapjoy or videos and don’t have facebook with RR2 on my android device, does that mean I can get extra farms too? 

well I hope Flaregames will listen to all your idea guys!! :slight_smile:


That would be fantastic… :slight_smile:

Time to give up on this, windows problem has been there since the very beginning. Most hacks are done by using windows so… Lol.

Most of the hackers are using android…Shit with you android…


No, most are windows I’m afraid, as are most ploughers … At the end of the day platform is irrelevant, there are discrepancies and advantages/disavantages with all, at the end of the day if you want to do well you need to IGP,  that’s a fact.