Free Food for Windows!

Well, I play rr2 on windows, and some of my friends play it on iPads. I think that is unfair that people on apple devices CAN get free food and gems, but other people can’t. 


For example, if you are in 4th place in a tournament and you want to go up to 3rd place, but you are out of food, you can not attack to get trophies, IF YOU ARE ON WINDOWS. If you are on an Apple device, you can just watch an ad to get free food and attack.


So, basically, if you are on Apple, you can attack until there are no available advertisements. On windows, you need to wait for your farms to give you enough food, and that is a long time, especially for a high level player unless they spend gems.


Flare should make a change to that.


this has been brought up numerous times


it sure would be nice to see a balance

I agree, were in The middle of the alliance wars and I’m constantly running out of food. But I k ow the three guys in up against and there all on apple… They have basically unlimited amounts of food and farm the crap out of diamonds. While I am forced to buy or just get one or two a day for tournaments :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s obvious that they have always food, because they play on “apple” = food  :lol:

Good new

Ye that s not fair!!!

:C come on…i whant “free” food too…

They even get free gems… We on the other hand aste only unlucky… This pisses me off